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Monday, December 14, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Central Basin Water District's "Old Guard" Choreographing Close Door Special Meeting Tuesday to Approve Hugh Payout to Former General Manager Tony Perez

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have learned that the "Calderon Old Guard", Central Basin Water District Directors Duo of Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins, is attempting to "choreograph" a Tuesday Close Door, $750,000 Settlement, for litigious former General Manager Tony Perez, who was Terminated with Cause, in late 2014. 
The Central Basin Water District Headuarters in the City of Commerce.

** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have learned that the remaining "Calderon Old Gaurd Directors" of the Central Basin Water District, Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins, are moving forward in choreographing a Tuesday (12-15-15), Close-door, Special Meeting (agenda posted below) to grant a $750,000 Settlement, to former General Manager Tony Perez, who sued the water agency after his late 2014, Termination with Cause. 
Former Central Basin Water District General Manager Tony Perez.

The Tuesday Special Meeting, coming nearly just two weeks after the State of California released its scathing Audit of the Public Whole Sale Water Distributor, is already being met with repudiation for its lack of openness and transparency as the proceedings will take place behind Close Doors.
Perez, who was hired in early 2013, came under fire for his alleged, lack of due diligence in multiple areas of responsibilities as the Whittier Daily News reported.

The board’s motion noted Perez’s employment contract lists a number of reasons that allowed them fire him without paying his annual salary of $195,000 as severance. The contract lists acts of dishonesty or misappropriation of funds, gross mismanagement, actions in violation of the district’s administrative code, a refusal to perform duties and responsibilities and habitual neglect of duty, among the reasons. 

Video of Director Art Chacon driving (without a license) on Central Basin Water District Property.
Perez also came under fire for his handling (or lack of) of the multiple, nefarious episodes of conduct involving Director Art Chacon, Chacon's well-documented episodes of unlicensed, vehicular operations (which in comparison, would make former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Leon Spinks, a candidate for Safe Driver of the Year), were continuing funded to the level of $597 dollars per month ........, and when Chacon was involved in a 2010 Auto Crash that became litigious, who used Central Basin Funds to pay off the injured party (without Board Approval) as the Whittier Daily News reported?

Perez has been under fire after taking district funds and writing a $16,000 check to pay a woman injured in a 2010 car crash involving Chacon. In addition, Chacon received $597 in a monthly car allowance without a valid driver’s license and Perez never did anything to stop it. Chacon, who obtained a driver’s license in August, had been driving without one since Sept. 30, 2003, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles.
The CBWD Special Agenda for this Tuesday, 12-15-15.
Yet, despite the recent findings of the State Audit and factually-abundant reporting from the likes of the LA Times ........, and especially Mike Sprague of the Whittier Daily News (who's reporting came under attack by Art Chacon in the now weakly, "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News"), the old Calderon-taught style of conducting public business (and choreographing payouts to trusted allies) remains ingrained in the Calderon Old Guard Director Duo of Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins.

Former Central Basin Water District General Manager Art Aguilar reveals the background behind the creation of a secretive "Legal Slush Fund", while being deposed in November of 2013.
With Tony Perez nearing his choreographed, possible Settlement Proceedings on Tuesday ......., and other infamous CBWD employees such as the former infamous Pico Rivera tandem of Ron Beilke and Chuck Fuentes await their desired payoffs, the buyers and ratepayers would be well-served to view the video above of former General Manager Art Aguilar, as he describes, under oath in a November, 2013 Deposition, how the likes of Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins, supported the creation of a secretive, "Legal Slush Fund", that was use to pay off vendors and supporters.
Former Central Basin Water District General Manager Art Aguilar outs current "Old Guard Calderon Directors" Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins, for shaking down Campaign Contribution and money for "other expenses".
Aguilar further extrapolates how the likes of Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins would shake down the likes of Pacifica Engineering, for Campaign Contributions and funding of other expenses. Again under oath, Aguilar states how he avoided confrontations with the likes of former Ramona Gardens-residing Art Chacon (and "friends"), by paying personally for meals.
Thus, as we near another attempted choreographed episode of "Close Doors Enrichment/Payoff" of an enabling underling, costumers, ratepayers, local lawmakers .........., and the likes of LA County District Attorney Jackie Lace's Public Integrity Unit, need to stop, once and for all, the looting of public money from the Central Basin Water District----Scott Johnson. 

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