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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

As former Los Angeles Failure Mayor Antonio Villar makes the rounds of California Municipalities in search of a 2018 Political Rebirth, he may want to fully disclose (and screen) what happen between him and Charlie on that infamous night in Cabos?
What happens (or gets transmitted) in Cabos, stays in Cabos (or at least until a pending state-wide election in 2018).
** Blogger's Note: For those who live fast and loose, especially when far-removed from the choreographed facades of a ambitious political persona, let the above photo of HIV-positive Charlie Sheen and former LA Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, enjoying a night of partying in Cabos San Lucas (allegedly), remind the political fast lane crowd of the potential, adverse consequences of questionable, life-style choices. Here at Mayor Sam, we have posted "ahhhhh" ......, many missives over the years regarding the alleged, alcohol-fueled theatrics of the City Terrace-native. But few will remember what a "Lifestyle of Excess" did for the likes of late Southeast LA County Assemblyman Marcos Firebaugh, who died at 39 due to Influenza and Liver Failure. Two years before he died, then Assemblyman Firebaugh upon the discovery of the Liver Ailmate that would take his life stated ......, "I drank like a fish, ate like a pig, stayed out till wee hours of the night and never slept," ......, which was a recipe for a early death.
** As the political fallout from the Paris Terrorist Attacks engulfs the national political landscape, we ask the following question of Mayor Eric Garcetti in lieu of "Greece on the Pacific (formerly The Golden State)" Governor Jerry "Moonbeam, Part II" Brown's pledge to work with President Barack "H" Obama in relocating Syrians Refugees to our state. "Will Mayor Garcetti pledge to cooperate with all Federal Agencies (including ICE),in protecting all Angelinos/US Citizens, from any possible crimes committed by refugees relocated here ........, and from those who seek refuge within Los Angeles illegally (by rescinding Special Order 40)
** So much for another Governmental Pledge of Traffic Reduction via Mass Transit as researchers from USC, announced that while ridership increase along the traffic-chocked corridor, the number of vehicles DID NOT decline. But lets remember that this Sales Tax-financed project provided funding for campaign-contributing giving contractors, sub-contractors and the dreaded non-profits.
** CD 4 City Councilman David Ryu is solidifying his "Outsider Status" via his latest pronouncement that outs the expenditure of money on questionable sidewalk repairs at the Van Nuys Civic Center. According to the Daily News ......., Ryu said the priority should be residential or commercial property sidewalks, rather than city properties, where he said those fixes aren’t immediately needed. “Although there is legal reasoning as to why many sidewalks need to be repaired, we should be more strategic when it comes to repairing the massive backlog of damaged sidewalks,” Ryu said in a statement after the hearing----Scott Johnson.

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