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Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Morning Hot Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

As Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown continues with the tired "The Climate is Changing (and humans are the cause)" Charade, the LA Times hits back at "Moonbeam II's" assertions that California's recent wildfires are a byproduct of Climate Change.
Its October 19, 2015 and the snow has return to Mammoth Mountain.
The "Blue/Green ,Man-made Climate Change Charade" is all about confiscating more of your money.
** Please pause the bloggin delay, but when the "Old Gray Eco/Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)" strays from its normal Agenda Pronouncements, into an accidental Act of Journalism ........., ESPECIALLY when the topic is alleged, Man-made Climate Change, we must consider this Breaking News. The Times this AM, repudiates the recent claims of "Greece on the Pacific" Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown, that recent Wildfires, are a byproduct of Man-made Climate Change, as number of ecological experts noted, Instead, something called FIRE SUPPRESSION is the reason why California Wildfires have become more menacing in recent years. Decades of suppressing fires, instead of using them to help maintain a healthy habitat, created fuel loading that when ignited, caused "Hot Fires", that quickly spread.and have been destructive to new built communities in the interfacing areas where nature and civilization merge. But then "Governor Moonbeam II" is not one to let a supposed Climate Crisis go to waste ......,especially when the confiscation of more revenue is the desired outcome. 
HACLA Commissioner Maria Lou Calanche has a "RG Revisionist Moment (again)".
Now HACLA Commissioner and Legacy LA Executive Director Maria Lou Calanche, with former Boss Richard Alatorre.
** Its has been a bloggin while since we broached anything involving the Connected Non-Profit Legacy LA and its Murchison Street-raised Executive Director Maria "Lou Lou" Calanche. But in recent weeks, the now Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA for short) Commissioner, has been pushing the "Legacy LA Agenda (allegedly)" on the new Service Providers in the Ramona Gardens Community. The hot rumor making the rounds in the neighborhood is that Commissioner Calanche was upset that the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club (who has replace LA Rec and Parks as the operator of the Ramona Gardens Rec. Center), did not give her an invite to their Grand Opening ........., and put pressure to ensure a role at the ceremonies, where she again, mislead the community about her upbringing. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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