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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Morning Briefs on Future Bloggin Topics of Interest for Tuesday

In the weeks and months ahead, these are some of the bloggin topics of interest that will garner renew attention here at Mayor Sam.
Who and what are future topics of interest at Mayor Sam?
Baldwin Park City Councilwoman Marlen Garcia calls upon Assemblyman Roger Hernandez to resign over alleged Domestic Violence.
** Blogger's Note: There is never an ebb in the amount of bloggin topic items originating from the payasos/payasas of the Los Angeles (both county and city) Political Machine. The newest payaso of interest is San Gabriel Valley Democratic Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, who is a politico with issues to say the lease. Hernandez, who first garnered press attention in 2012 for allegedly driving a state-owned vehicle under the influence of alcohol, while in the company of a female Kaiser Lobbyist, apparently is in denial regarding his unrepentant behavior as exampled by his latest episode of intolerant conduct. Contrary to media reports, Hernandez has not shown any contrition for his actions directed at Republican Assemblyman Matt Harper during an important Assembly Committee Meeting regarding raising the Minimum Wage where the San Gabriel Valley Politico Bad Boy prevented his Republican colleague from giving testimony as allowed under Assembly rules. Further, it was disclosed on this last Saturday's Randy Economy Show, that previous, unreported episodes of insolent behavior by Hernandez, included an outburst where he called Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez "a whore". Surely, Assemblyman Hernandez will garner future bloggin attention ......, along with these other topics noted below, in the weeks/months ahead---Scott Johnson.

1. The Looming 39th AD Rematch between Assemblywoman Patty Lopez and Raul Bocanegra:
The LA Weekly's Hillel Aron has written the definitive missive on this looming, democratic battle pitting the Grass Roots vs. the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine.

2. The Recall Campaign against Studio City Neighborhood Council Member Lisa "Dangerous Enemy of Freedom" Sarkin:
We are sure that somewhere in Wisconsin, there is a former Mayor Sam Blogger who would likely supported the efforts of Studio City Stakeholders to Recall the reigning NC's "Dangerous Enemy of Freedom" Lisa Sarkin. Maybe we can get Michael McCue to keyboard a guest column?

3. The 2016 25th State Senate District Campaign between 43rd AD Assemblyman Mike Gatto and former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino:
The dueling antagonists in this loom political bloodbath will again square off this Sunday as the California Democratic Party conducts a revote for 43rd AD Delegates. The previous vote was null and voided after protests from numerous Gatto Truthers, who themselves targeted Armenians voters.

4. The Montebello (CD-14 East) Calderon Political Crime Family Corruption Trial:
Delay, delay they may, we will wait patiently for what should be a excellent "singing performance" by the Calderon Brothers Tom and Ron that will surely disclose some inconvenient facts regarding a certain "LA City Councilman" and a reigning "State Senate President Pro Tem".

5. The Contemptible Behavior of a Scandalous Institution of Higher Learning:
We will continue with the bloggin coverage of a bad neighbor pursuing community conquest via scandalous associates and conduct

** Plus, the follies involving "Disempowerment LA", DWP, "Mayor Gar-Soft-ee", "Mini Amin" Wesson ........, and of course, a certain "Princeton Graduate", will always garner bloggin attention.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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