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Monday, July 20, 2015

An Infant Assemblyman Lil Mikey Gatto Political Beat Down Update

In a major blow to the 2016 25th State Senate District Election aspirations of current 43rd AD "Infant Assemblyman Lil (turned racial profiler Slobo) Mikey" Gatto, a rerun of the 43rd Assembly District Delegate Elections results in a resounding, sweeping victory for the Anthony Portantino-connected "Democrats United Slate".
 We are on "Petulant, Infant Assemblyman Lil Mikey Gatto Political Tantrum Watch" 
Political Mothers should never let their Infant Assemblymen grow up to become ethnic cleansers of 43rd AD Delegate Voters (allegedly).
** Blogger's Note: In a remarkable showing of Grass Roots Activism, nearly a thousand of 43rd Assembly District Democrats turned out yesterday to partake in a California Democratic Party-mandated rerun of its 2015 Delegate Elections ....... and the results were a major repudiation of the Infant Assemblyman Lil (now Slobo) Mikey's supporters "voter suppression by ethnic (Armenian) surnames tactics (allegedly)". By a vote of roughly 585 to 245, the Anthony Portantino-connected "United Democrats Slate", achieved a resounding beat down of their Assemblyman Gatto-connected challengers. According to on scene and Social Media sources, a large percentage of Armenian voters turned out in support of the "United Democrats Slate" and were instrumental in its victory. Local political observer's were using the results as a political barometer of a VERY possible Assemblyman Gatto vs. former Assemblyman Portantino Battle Royale for the open 25th State Senate Seat in 2016 and judging from yesterday's turnout, the Grass Roots are not too happy with the "Infant Assemblyman "Lil (recent Slobo-like ethnic voter cleansing) Mikey" Gatto's political behavior---Scott Johnson.                                                                   
The victorious "Democrats United Slate" with Delegate Vote Observers.
Democrats United Slate Flyer.
Beware of "Gatto Truthers", with contrary spin, on yesterday's Political Beat Down.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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