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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On Deadline Morning Briefs for Hump Day

We are working with CD 14 Campaign Insiders (from which candidate we can't say) on a major Exclusive that will appear on Monday.
What information does our "contact" have for us today?
** Just when you thought "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) had regain something called "Creditability" for its excellent Editorial on the Lavish Pay of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, they promptly forfeited, with its endorsement for re-election of reigning Strongman CD 8 City Clowncilman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson.
** Once again, the Money Interest behind the IE Committees supporting CD 4 City Council Candidate Steve Veres and CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, are being shy about who is really bankrolling their over-inflated (allegedly) mailers produced by "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant" John Shallman.
** HAHAHAHAHA!! Nothing like sharing a morning laugh at the expense of out-going CD 4 City Clowncilman Tom LaBonge. This because of the disclosure by City Attorney Mike Feuer that his attempt to overturn the contract recommendation of the Department of Recreation & Parks regarding the supposed new Greek Theater Contract with Live Nation, could have dire legal ramifications. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Not at all uncommon that the LA Times and Daily News bitch all year about the Clowncil but come election time wind up endorsing all the incumbents, even when there are alternatives.

February 11, 2015 12:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm not understanding something on your third story, about the IEs for Veres and Nury. I think you might be mistaken that it is Shallman doing the IEs -- he's been working on Veres' campaign for a long time. And on the Ethics Committee website, the IE payments are not to Shallman, they are to another company, West Coast Public Affairs or something (the same firm that did the hit pieces against Ben Kayser). Unless this other company is a front for Shallman and they are trying to hide that he's behind these campaigns. I can't imagine him helping to defeat the UTLA candidate, though. Wouldn't switching sides like that be bad for future business? Who would trust him anymore?

February 11, 2015 4:26 PM  

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