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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Notes and Photos on the Morning After CD 14 Candidate Forum/Debate Number One in Boyle Heights

On the morning after the first 2015 CD 14 City Council Elections Candidate Forum/Debate, we bring you notes and photos from a festive late AM dialog among the officeholder aspirants.
Candidate Nadine Diaz (center) is all smiles after her performance and following retort of Councilman Huizar's "Workplace Recreating".......,
"I will not cost the taxpayers excessive amounts of money for recreational activities that have nothing, nothing to do with government,"
** Blogger's Note: Its 24 hours (10 AM) after the start of the first Candidate Forum/Debate of the 2015 CD 14 City Council Campaign (hosted superbly by the student staff of the Boyle Heights Beat Newspaper), and thanks to the stinging retort of the proceedings, directed at Councilman Huizar by challenger Nadine Diaz, many observers and voters will be pondering the true cost of "recreating at work" in the weeks leading up to Election Day. From the start, Candidate Diaz exhibited her understanding of the local issues as she passionately retorted the "Talking Points of Spin" via the Incumbent Councilman, which played well to the overflowing audience. For his part, the self-noting Princeton Graduate was clearly, knocked off debate stride by Gloria Molina's repudiation of his leadership on the Wyvernwood Project. The Incumbent spent the next couple rounds of questioning, seeking to get Molina on record, regarding either supporting or opposing the Fifteen Group's efforts to redevelop their property. Former SEIU Political Director, turned Candidate Mario Chavez showed that his grasps of the endemic issues, were worthy of him having a place at the proceedings. More photos below---Scott Johnson.  

LA Weekly Political Reporter Gene Maddaus interviewing Gloria Molina after the proceedings. Molina's rebuke of Councilman Huizar's handling of the Wyvernwood Apartment Complex issue, clearly had an affect on the Incumbent. Overall, Molina was concise and steady in her first debate.
Mario Chavez speaking to fellow SEIU activist. Chavez accorded himself well, showcasing his knowledge of local issues.  
We can state that the current Officeholder was in attendance. The Incumbent was the last to show.
 On this side, we have Mario Chavez and Gloria Molina .....,
......., with Councilman Huizar and Nadine Diaz at the other table.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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