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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

As the first mailers in the contentious 2015 CD 14 City Council Election reach mail boxes district-wide, rumors are rampant that the embattled City Clowncilman Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar and State Senate President Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First", have agreed on a 2018 Office Swap (pending election outcome), which would be predicated by the State Senate Leader, helping to fund a 2015 Independent Expenditure against Gloria Molina. 
 The backroom-dealing Eastside Political Pretty Boys Jose Huizar and "Kevin de Leon the First".

With the supposed Huizar-de Leon Office Swap Deal, Nicholas Lauro Pacheco is the odd IE Campaign left out in the cold (kinda like his possible 2018 Campaign Plans).
Oh the bloggin love of campaign intrigue.
With the first of Incumbent City Clowncilman Jose Huizar and Challenger Gloria Molina mailer's arriving in district mailboxes, surrogates of both campaigns are working behind close doors to raise resources.
Former CD 14 City Councilman Nick Pacheco was the first to be attributed in stating his intentions to raise funds for an Independent Expenditure Committee in support of his former political nemesis, now Clowncilman Huizar. But since announcing his intentions, the now attorney/real estate speculator, has seen his hand-picked choice to spear head the IE, Methods Campaigns Brian Van Riper, become the Field Coordinator for the Huizar Campaign (** maybe Brian's friend Michael "MEAT" Trujillo could, or did replace him?).
But the hottest IE rumor currently making the rounds, is one fronted by the namesake son of former State Senator Richard Polanco (who still is apparently bitter about Trail-blazing Latina), that would benefit from the fiscal resources of State Senate President Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First", as part of a backroom agreed-upon, 2018 Office Swap between the Incumbent Clowncilman and reigning State Senate Leader.
But one possible obstacle in this supposed deal, would be an affirmative vote in favor of Charter Amendment 1 & 2 which would lengthen the terms of even numbered Clowncilpersons, including "The Tonto Huevon".
Given the opportunity to earn two more years of a City Council Salary, its hard to imagine the self-noting Princeton Graduate, wanting to take a Political Office Paycut, considering his recently-disclosed tax issues.
** The following is the byproduct of long term exposure to Tax Liens as exhibited by "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant" John Shallman's remarks regarding his "West Coast Public Affairs-produced Hit Piece" against former Campaign Client LAUSD School Board Member Bennett Kayser ............., “I have always been proud to work on behalf of classroom teachers to elect candidates who will put our children first,” Shallman said in an emailed statement to LA School Report. “In 2011, I was convinced that Bennett Kayser would do that. He hasn’t. School board members who fail, don’t get second chances because our kids only get one chance at a good education.” ..............., but I get a second chance to gouge those Walmart Family-funded Charter School groups to cover the costs of my past tax issues (allegedly).
** The "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant" John Shallman is getting into some CD 6 IE Campaign Funny Business by producing mailers for a supposed "Valley Families for Nury Martinez Group", that has yet filed required disclosure forms highlighted its fiscal donors.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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