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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive, Part Three: The CD 14 Real Property Trust Fund from FY 04 to Present

In Part Three of our Mayor Sam Exclusive on the various Discretionary Funds of CD 14, we disclose the revenues and allocations from the Real Property Trust Fund and Oil Pipeline Franchise Fees, from FY 04 to Present. 
 Here is $50,000 dollars in fiscal trimmings for the Barrio Action Youth and Family Center (as authorize by then Councilman Villar in 2004).
** Blogger's Note: In the last of our Three Part Report on the CD 14 Discretionary Funds, we disclose the information pertaining to revenue and allocations from the Real Property Trust Fund and Oil Pipeline Franchise Fees from the 2004 Fiscal Year to Present. These funds, in addition to the Exclusive $100,000 Discretionary Fund given to each Councilperson, were the primary source for dispensing Patronage for then Councilman Antonio Villar in 2004 (as noted on the Page 1 data), before the CLARTS Fund started producing revenue. However in 2010, then Mayor Antonio Villar crafted an agreement with the City Council to have each member within the Horseshoe give up $800,000 from these funds, to make an emergency deposit into the city's Reserve Fund during the dark days of the Recession. Thus, limiting the availability of these funds being use for projects/patronage---Scott Johnson. 
 Page 1 of Real Property Trust Fund and Oil Pipeline Franchise Fees Revenue and Allocations Report beginning in Spring of 2004.

 Page 2
 Page 3
Page 4´╗┐
Page 5´╗┐
 Page 6
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks you for clarifying the history of expenditures from several of the City of LA's discretionary funds. It is a jaw-dropping and frankly outrageous revelation that these funds are so carelessly managed, accounted for and lacking in oversight. The justification for an expenditure seems to only require a general statement that it is a'necessary expenditure".

The recipients and amount of the funds in some cases appear to be reasonable allocations. However, some of the funds appear to be going to CBOs that have no clear overarching benefit to the CITIZENS of LOS ANGELES. IF the benefit is not immediately obvious, then the request to approve the funds should be clear and detailed. It is neither clear or detailed.

I can only hope that this information is being scrutinized openly and that the LA taxpayers are paying close attention.

February 18, 2015 2:43 PM  

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