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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Bring Your Own Ballot (BYOB)" for Huizzy After Party Event at the Faith and Flower

Can anyone imagine some possible Ethics Commission ramifications of this Councilman Jose Huizar Campaign Event? 
What do those who present their Ballots (unmarked?) get exclusively from the embattled Incumbent City Councilman, maybe some solitary, quality time with Huizzy and friend?
** Blogger's Note: Please pause as this blogger seeks to remember a time in recent history when the Special Interests were so fixated on returning a troubled politico to another term at 200 Spring Street. Bluntly, those who value something called Democracy should be disgusted of the mockery Councilman Huizar is making of the 2015 CD 14 City Council Election proceedings. From bags loaded with Jose Huizar-adorned freebies to now exclusive parties for ballots, a campaign of dialog and ideas, has been cheapen to finding the "buy points" of voters and community groups. May the fate of CD 14 and the City of Los Angeles hopefully rest with a silent majority who will become vocal in expressing their collective outrage at this type of ethically-challenged vote buying---Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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