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Friday, August 08, 2014

Morning Briefs on Chief Beck's Horse Scheme for Friday

The Father and Daughter Duo of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Brandi Scimone-Pearson give a new meaning to the LAPD Motto "Protect and Serve", each other's backside and needs respectively.
 Do Father and Daughter Beck actions bring shame to the LAPD Uniform.
** Blogger's Note: Never underestimate an intuitive blogger's proclivity to break a story ......, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck should eat crow (and think of a post LAPD afterlife) in attacking Jasmyne Cannick for doing just that. In what Cannick dubbed as "Pony-gate", Chief Beck was force to admit that he signed off on the purchase of his P3 LAPD Officer Daughter Brandi Scimone-Pearson's horse to execute her new assign duties with the department's Horse Unit. In reviewing Cannick's "Pony-gate Missive", its no wonder why the Rank & File morale is in the pit, considering the preferential treatment given to his daughter and harsh punishment of those who get in the way of the Chief's actions in protecting her and his inner group of cronies, allegedly. If the allegations of Chief Beck daughter's behavior are true, along with the alleged cover-up implemented in doing so, then the potential costs in future lawsuits by those who were punished in an unethical breach of conduct, is cause for the Inspector General and the Police Commission to delay a Second Term vote while vetting "Pony-gate", and too numerous other allegations (ie. Ghost Cars, Compstat Rigging) of misconduct by Chief Beck---Scott Johnson.    
Chief Daddy, can I bring my horse to work (with you signing off on its purchase, allegedly)?

What Daddy's P3 Officer Daughter wants, the LAPD Foundation Budget will provide, allegedly. 
Is the now Brandi Scimone-Pearson the "Paulina Gretzky" of Chief Beck's Family?  
When will Chief Beck apologize to Jasmyne Cannick? 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

oh this is Great..not! He's back as the chief of police, again.

Maybe crime will drop more..Thank you LA Times for exposing the truth

August 13, 2014 1:33 PM  

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