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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Rebuttal to AB 109 Comments of DA Jackie Lacey in Mike Feuer Endorsement

Was Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey being truthful about AB 109 in her endorsement of Mike Feuer? A Retire Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre, offers a contrary statement of the facts.  
Is LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey looking for the truth on AB 109?
** Blogger's notes: Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said this in the course of her comments as she endorse Mike Feuer for City Attorney. From the Daily News.

She took issue with a campaign mailer that blamed the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of a 10-year-old Northridge girl on AB 109, the bill under which non-violent state prisoners were handed over to counties to jail or supervise on probation.As a member of the Assembly at the time, Feuer voted for the plan.Lacey said the mailer, paid for by Trutanich's campaign, twisted facts about the alleged kidnapping and rape of a young girl for "political purposes."She called the mailer "intellectually dishonest and counterproductive to finding solutions to the challenges brought on by realignment."

Retire Parole Officer  Caroline Aguirre, who's work in uncovering the debacle that is AB 109, has been lauded by many in government and the media, takes Lacey to task in a email send to Mayor Sam this evening. We repost her email in full below---Scott Johnson..

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey statements as stated in todays Daily News Paper as quoted by Rick Orlov are themselves misleading and untrue.

AB 109 referred to as PUBLIC SAFETY Parole Realignment was both supported  and voted for by Mike Feuer during his tenure as a California State Elected official long before Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich made his decision to throw his hat in the ring for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's race which was in February 2012.  AB 109 was  signed into law by Governor Brown long before February , 2012 and became effective on October, 1, 2011.

What City Attorney Carmen Trutanich stated after he threw his hat in the ring for the District Attorney's race  was that he would support AB 109 because it was the law. It is not like he has the power to disregard the law. Jackie Lacey herself made similar statements after her election as the new  Los Angeles County District Attorney. The only individuals that could change or amend AB 109 would have to be our state elected officials or the Governor himself.

Currently both Democratic and Republican state elected officials have submitted new legislation to amend portions of AB 109. Even Governor Brown has acknowledged that he wants to take a new look at the AB 109.

This is in response to hundreds of arrests statewide of those individuals placed on under Supervision of AB 109 who have reoffended by committing new very violent criminal offenses to and include , murder, rapes, kidnappings, shootings and violent assaults.

Within our own city we have had recently two individuals both who had been placed under AB 109 ( both had prior arrests and or convictions for  violent crimes ) commit new very violent criminal acts.  Tibias Dustin Summers has been charged with Kidnapping and sexual assault of a minor child and Ka Pasasouk with the horrific execution killing of four individuals .

On August 03, 2011  Fred Escobar father of Erica Escobar who was murdered by a parolee classified as a low level , non -violent offender who also had a prior conviction for a violent criminal acts  and several other City of Los Angeles residents spoke before state elected officials , members of the Law Enforcement Community  and representatives of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office at the State Capitol in Sacramento. All of these folks made a plea asking that they do something to stop the implementation of AB 109.  These same individuals also held a large rally in front of the California State Building on Spring Street in the downtown area of Los Angeles.

Now I ask the question. Is Mike Feuer  now going to state that he had no knowledge of the dangers and disastrous consequence's of AB 109? Is he going to state that he had no knowledge of the Legislative hearing in Sacramento or the large rally in front of the State Building in Los Angeles? 

As California State Senator Ted Lieu stated to surviving family members of Erica Escobar "AB 109 was 100 times worse than Non - Revocable parole and it had nothing to do with Public Safety but everything to do with saving  the state of California money.

Caroline Aguirre. 


Blogger Rumpole said:

Oh gimme a break. "long before Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich made his decision to throw his hat in the ring for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's race which was in February 2012. "

Trutanich started his DA campaign in 2010, raising more than $1M well before 2012. Why lie about it?

And go to www.LosAngelesDragnet.com to see the full page Trutanich devoted to AB109 calling it "an opportunity to transform our correctional system."

AB109 was good enough for Nuch when he wanted Brown's endorsement for his DA campaign, so what changed? Oh yeah, Nuch lost in June 2012.

Come on Red Spot, you've been trying your best to help Nuch, but don't fall for everything they're trying to sell. This stinks.

May 16, 2013 12:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You didn't mention if the person sending in the rebuttal was connected to the Trutanich campaign.

May 16, 2013 8:24 AM  

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