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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Charlie Sheen shares details of his party night with Mayor Antonio Villar.
Ahhhh, who's story do you trust regarding the photo above?
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Not so fast Tony!
Mayor Antonio Villar's attempt to explain/spin away his photographic encounter with Actor Charlie Sheen, as a mere courtesy, is not holding the 100 proof water.
As noted this morning by LAist, Sheen counters the Mayor's details regarding their alleged party night to TMZ.
Charlie says the Mayor is shoveling BS.  Charlie tells TMZ ... the picture was actually shot in Charlie's hotel suite at Hotel El Ganzo, where Charlie had just opened his bar, Sheenz earlier in the evening. 
What's more, Charlie says the Mayor hung out in the suite for WAY more than 3 minutes.  Charlie says, "I memorize 95 pages a week, so the last thing that I am is memory challenged.  We hung out for the better part of 2 hours, discussing his L.A. roots, his poignant bullet campaign as well as his 3 AM lawn-watering tactics."
Charlie continues, "He's a terrific guy, a great Mayor and he can drink with the best of 'em: Me.  Quite a memorable night indeed."

Then there is this other small fact via Sheen.

Charlie says, there were lots of women in the suite, including at least one porn star and several other hot women

We wonder if former DWP General Manager and noted Mayor Villar "drinking/dining buddy" David Nahai, would care to comment on the mayor's drinking proclivities?

** On this day, January 8, 2013, the classless, crass, devoid of character politico known as the Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto, announced his intentions to replace Tom LaBonge as the next CD 4 City Councilman in 2015. This via his targeted proposal to craft a state law that would prohibit the City of Los Angeles from ticketing motorist who park at broken parking meters.

** On this day, January 8, 2013, LAPD achieve a historic milestone and rest assure angelinos, your increased garbage fees had nothing to do with it. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Antonio Villar announced that the goal of 10,000 officers has been attained. This goal of Mayor Villar was accomplished via changing the uniforms of 60 General Services Police officers.

** On this day, January 8, 2013, City Attorney Candidate Assemblyman Mike Feuer, has anointed himself the front runner in his campaign to unseat current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. We note the following from his campaign spokesman "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" John Shallman.

Feuer has raised $898,000, and will receive another $300,000 in public matching funds. In a release, John Shallman, Feuer's strategist, crowed that Feuer "has a commanding lead in significant endorsements and funds raised... The momentum behind Mike's campaign is building at just the right time."

What other historic footnote connected to "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" John Shallman, will transpire on this date? Stay tune!

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Lets see who do you believe - a lying, corrupt scummy, partying womanizer bereft of morals and a complete narcissist - or Charlie Sheen?

January 08, 2013 2:01 PM  

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