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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Mayor Sam PSA on Proper Reporting Protocols when involved in crash with a City Councilman

A Mayor Sam Public Service Announcement on the Proper Reporting Protocols, when involve in a accident with a City of Los Angeles owned vehicle. 
Congratulation again to CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar for this teachable moment.

These "Accident Reporting Instructions" are kept in all city vehicles, including those used by city council members and staff. 

Great looming lunch hour to all as we begin today with this Mayor Sam Public Service Announcement, in the theme of educating the general public on the proper protocols, that must be follow when involve in a accident with a City of Los Angeles vehicle. We are sure CD 14 City Council Jose Huizar, who by the way, went to Princeton, would not mind using his recent accident as a teachable moment, for our PSA. 
Lets assume you are driving eastbound on First Street near the end of Happy Hour (7:00 P.M.) on a Thursday evening, when a Toyota Highlander looms larger, and larger in your rear view mirror, until its reaches the designated ramming speed and impacts your vehicle. 
Despite the painful affects of whiplash, you exit your vehicle to exchange information with the person who just rammed and did extensive damage to your Saturn and as noted in the LA Times .......
Once the two men got out of their cars, Huizar hailed a passing ambulance and offered to pay for the damage but insisted that there was no need for police to be involved, the attorney said.Guizar said Ceja pointed out to Huizar that a government vehicle was involved. Huizar then said he would call a friend at the LAPD's Hollenbeck Division station, according to the attorney. Soon afterward, Huizar told Ceja that police had informed him that the matter could be handled without a report, Guizar said."My client said, 'No I insist. I have injuries and I insist on a police report,'" Guizar said.Ceja then called the LAPD himself, Guizar said, telling an officer at Hollenbeck that he wanted both an accident report and a sobriety test for Huizar. When officers showed up, they said they did not have the equipment to administer the test, the attorney said. Huizar sat in a police car at the accident scene until after 9 p.m. and was not tested until he was taken to a police station, Guizar said.

That's strange, number one on the Accident Reporting Instructions, states that you are to notify LAPD regarding ALL cases involving damage to a city vehicle. If the information from Mr. Ceja is true, Councilman Huizar and the unidentified Hollenbeck LAPD officer reference by the councilman, were in major violation of city policy and for what reason? To be continue .............

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

If I saw a school boy talking about a girl in class, as often as Scott talks about Jose Huizar and Mike Gatto, I'd say the boy has a crush on the girl.

I'll leave it at that.

December 11, 2012 5:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

mr. or mrs. anonymous
you sure have some big imagination,
you would make a great story teller.

in fact stay out of blogging and go into story telling or to the advice columns.

December 13, 2012 2:19 PM  

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