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Monday, November 05, 2012

Notes on the LA County Assembly Races Scorecard

** Blogger's Note: In the spirit of driving turn out for tomorrow's elections, we bring these briefs and excerpts on competitive California State Assembly races that hopefully can break red. Voters should remember that a democrat pick up of two Assembly seats, will give the Dems the super majority to pass tax hikes on an over-taxed electorate.. In recent weeks, the likes of Assemblyman's Roger Hernandez and Mike Gatto have been in the news for questionable conduct. Will that translate into Republicans victories on Election Day? Turn out is the key---Scott Johnson.   
Booking photo of Assemblyman Roger Hernandez.
** From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune which has endorsed Republican Challenger Joe Gardner to replace the Jimmy Gomez supporter and current 48th AD Assemblyman Roger Hernandez.
ASSEMBLYMAN Roger Hernandez, we see your kind offer, and we'll raise it.After allegations of cocaine abuse were made last week from the former girlfriend who says you caused her "visible injury" after hitting her with a belt and slamming her against a wall on July 14, you said you'd take a drug test to show you were clean.Excellent. And to expedite matters, as we know how important this is to you just five days before Election Day, with your chance at a second term in the Legislature on the line, we'll arrange and pay for the drug test at the clinic right up the street where all our employees have been taking a pre-employment drug test for the last 25 years. We have the paperwork ready.We're serious. It's important for you to show your constituents in the central San Gabriel Valley that you are serious, too - and not on drugs. It's important to us that you do it before your constituents go to the polls on Tuesday. Give us a call and we'll make it happen out of our shared interest in a transparent democracy

** From the LA Weekly regarding the 49th AD contest.
The San Gabriel Valley showdown pitting two successful Asian-American professionals, a doctor and a lawyer, against one another is getting cutthroat in the dwindling hours to election day--with accusations of tax evasion, lawsuits and a restraining order to boot.Joy Lin, wife of candidate Dr. Matthew Lin, filed suit on Friday, October 26 claiming that the campaign of Ed Chau unlawfully distributed her social security number in filers and advertisements on television and YouTube.She is seeking $25,000 in damages.Chau's campaign did not remove the video, so on Wednesday, Lin filed a temporary restraining order as well.Lin's social security number is visible on images of a tax lien, issued in 1997 and featured in the image. (The Pasadena Star-News reports that of the three tax liens shown in the video, two were issued erroneously and the third was settled in 2008.)Superior Court Judge Edward Simpson ordered Chau to remove the YouTube video and pull a television advertisement featuring the flier.But, as you can see below, the offending video is still up on YouTube:

** From the Daily Breeze regarding the 66th AD Race.

 A South Bay Assembly race is among the most expensive in the state, attracting millions of dollars in donations and expenditures, finance records show.One of as few as four districts statewide that could go to either party on Tuesday, the 66th District race between Republican Craig Huey and Democrat Al Muratsuchi could decide whether or not Democrats gain a supermajority in the chamber.It's a rematch of the June primary, when Muratsuchi won 40.9 percent of the vote, beating Huey by about 2 percentage points. Republican Nathan Mintz won 20.6 percent, but only the top two finishers were eligible for Tuesday's general election.Democrats have a four-point registration edge in the district, and most political analysts say it is a true tossup.

Along with a win in the 43rd AD, Republicans can create a red interface in Los Angeles County.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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