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Monday, November 05, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Election Eve

Rebuffing the Fake Republican Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto
The petulant Infant Assembly caught engaging in political identity thief..
Assemblyman Mike Gatto won't be laughing at the voter backlash tomorrow.
The Republican choice?
Assemblyman Mike Gatto would have you believe that from the slate mailer that was sent to 43rd Assembly District voters in the last few days. But so laughable is the Infant Assemblyman's "bought and paid for assertion", that Breitbart.com posted this yesterday on its site.
In southern California, an incumbent Democrat state legislator appears to be running as a Republican in order to get reelected.Prominently picturing Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln on campaign flyers addressed to California “Republicans,” and featuring the California Republican Assembly logo, Democrat Mike Gatto lists his own name in a ballot-style list of Republican candidates for federal and state office. This campaign literature has appeared on the weekend before the election.A reasonable inference from the flyers is that Gatto is a Republican endorsed by the California Republican Party.  Nowhere do the flyers identify Gatto as a Democrat.  In fact, Greg Krikorian is the Republican endorsed candidate for local state assembly office. This flyer suggests that even a local state district in California may not be as solidly blue as polls would have us believe.  And, like the Tea Party influence in 2010, Romney's coattails may sweep many Republicans into office all the way down the ballot to local dogcatcher…even in California.

Could a Romney win translate to Republican pickups in California? More on that later.

** Daily News Rick Orlov's "Tipoff Column" focus on the pending start of the 2013 Mayoral Campaign to replace the Failure Mayor Antonio Villar. The question to ask after the results of the Presidential Election are known, is what candidate would open doors in Washington D.C.?

** Toll roads will make their debut in Central Los Angeles County this weekend as the toll booths go up on the 110 Freeway.

Using the 110 Freeway through South L.A., which runs through some of the most economically challenged turf in Southern California, could soon cost you as much as ... $1.40 a mile.That's because Los Angeles County's first "High Occupancy Toll" system will spark up starting Saturday. You'll have the option of paying for using revamped diamond lanes, now called Metro ExpressLanes, or staying stuck in slower traffic.The rates will vary depending on how bad traffic is:
The lowest price will be .25 cents a mile; the highest toll will be $1.40. Says Metro:

...... and still Metro wants more Sales Tax money.

** As a Public Service, we present the Betty Pleasant Voting Guide!
This is how I will vote on Nov. 6: President and vice president — Barack Obama and Joseph Biden; United States Senator — Dianne Feinstein; United States Representative — Howard Berman, because he did not endorse Carmen Lietanich for district attorney; State Senator — Fran Pavley, because she’s a Democrat; State Assembly — Bob Blumenfield — because he’s a Democrat; District Attorney — I pass because I dislike them both.
State Measures: Prop. 30 — NO (?). I’m voting No on 30 and No on 38 because the only public school district I know anything about is the Los Angeles Unified School District and as far as I’m concerned, LAUSD does not deserve another red cent of my money. Other school districts in the state may be decent, but this one is racist, is run by self-serving politicians instead of bonafide and qualified educators and doesn’t know what to do with the money it has. The LAUSD school board thoroughly offended me when it voted to give $200,000 of public education tax money to a middle-aged homosexual who said he was forced to have sex with the elderly homosexual school superintendent. Why do I have to pay for that?! We need a proposition that would exempt school funds from being spent on anything that has nothing to do with children. And until we get such a measure, I don’t want to give the public schools another cent. LAUSD can just disappear and that would be just fine.
Betty on Prop 32. 

Prop. 32 — NO. Because I was raised on unions. I grew up surrounded by family members who were staunch unionists and I learned to appreciate the value of unions to their members and their families. I would never do anything to undermine a union.

Betty on the Death Penalty 

Prop. 34 — NO. I do not want the death penalty repealed. What I want is the death penalty enforced. I want people who are convicted of killing people to be killed. I’m not interested in the issue of whether the death penalty serves as a deterrent to murder.

Betty on Measure J.

Measure J — Absolutely not! NO, NO and NO. We voted a tax increase for this not so long ago and now the county has asking for some more?! With none of it going on the Crenshaw Line?! NO.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Le Femme Voltaire said:

Yes, I agree as to no on three as the money nthe county takes in it only appears to waste. how about this for an apparently stupid rule for Cal Works. the significant other of my friend is trying to eventually wean his family off of public assistance and support his family by getting a part-time job, but the County has cut thier cash aid because he has a non government subsidized job. Wait a minute, I thought that county officials were supposed to be encouraging people to be self sufficient and to get off welfare; I am a bit confused! i guess the County in its wisdom wants to spend more money for subsidies instead of wenabling recipients to stand on their own and become financially dependent!- Your tax dollars at work, ha,ha !

November 05, 2012 2:58 PM  

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