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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mid-day Election Day Notes 2012

Vote Greg Krikorian for the 43rd Assembly District
Replace the Infant Assemblyman with a respected community advocate.

** The LA Times aka "Old Gray Obama Hag on Spring Street" is reporting that turnout is down compare to 2008. As of Noon, 23% of register voters have partaken in their civic duty, compare to 30% in 2008. Lower turnout bids well for republicans and conservative-themed ballot measures. But it also should be noted that nearly half of today's California voters, will do so by mail. Thus, final California results may take days to tabulate.

** The "LA Obama Times" also has some early testimonials from 30th Congressional District voters on their choice for Congress.
In Studio City, Rick McNally, a 66-year-old Vietnam War veteran, said he chose Brad Sherman in the hotly contested race for the 30th Congressional District.The Studio City resident, who lives in Sherman's old district, said he picked the familiar face and the candidate he says has more Valley ties."He is more hands-on here in the Valley," McNally said, shortly after voting at a polling place along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. "He has more town hall meetings. He is more accessible."

 51st Assembly District Candidate Luis Lopez hands in absentee ballot.

** Orange County Republican Congressman John Campbell stated on the Hugh Hewitt Show about two weeks back, that many internal pols are showing Obama support trending downwards in many congressional districts.

National Update:
** Respected national political observer Michael Barone, just noted on the Sean Hannity Show that turnout is down in many democratic areas across the country. From Northern Virginia, South Florida and Ohio, the Obama luster has lost its shine. Meanwhile, turnout from republicans areas of Ohio are reported to be high. 

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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