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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mayor Sam Halloween Costume Contest Winner Jimmy "The Educator" Gomez

The Bloggin Committee to BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger) in the 51st Assembly District, gladly endorses this Mayor Sam Halloween Costume Award to 51 AD Candidate Jimmy "The PAC Laundryman Educator" Gomez.
 BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger), Save an Exploited Burrocrat! 
 The Coalition of Burrocrats agrees that Jimmy "PAC Laundryman Educator" Gomez deserves recognition as the best Political Halloween Costume in the 51st AD. 
The Jimmy Gomez "Educator" Mailer.

** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to noted Jimmy Gomez shill and recent losing LA-32 Neighborhood Council Candidate Ari Ruiz, the definitive Halloween Political Makeover Award goes to a "certain carpetbagging educator". A couple of weeks back, an irate Northeast LA Voter forward us the above picture of a Jimmy "The Educator" Gomez mailer, that was among many sent to their residence. The person who's employment was within the public education field, took offense at Gomez's attempt to mislead voters by labeling himself on the ballot, as an "Educator". The reality is that Gomez taught a Labor-theme class at LA Trade Tech as noted below,
Even though he is being paid very little, this is what allows him to list “Educator/Nurses Advocate” as his ballot designation.
His campaign bio says that he is “an adjunct faculty member.”
Jimmy is a mentor with the Puente Mentorship Program and an adjunct faculty member of the Los Angeles Community College.

In particular, Gomez teaches / has taught at the L.A. Trade Tech campus, where he is in the “Labor Center” department — as is his wife Mary.
Jimmy Gomez, Political Director, UNAC/UHCP, M.A. Public Policy....
Mary Hodge, Poltical Campaign Consultant, B.A., Political Science.

Note though that Gomez’s SEI lists only himself as receiving a salary from the Los Angeles Community College District; if his wife received at least $500 during the reporting period (and after their April 2011 wedding), then her income should also have been reported.
Neither Gomez nor Hodge appear on the ratemyprofessors.com website. 

We can only speculate on some of Educator Gomez's course titles, maybe they included "101 Ways of Carpetbagging", "The Science of PAC Money :Laundry", "The Political Makeover of a Riverside PACman", "The Use of GPS in establishing Political Residency", "The Exploitation of Burrocrats", "There is No Such Thing as Dirty Political Money" and "101 Mailers to Cover Up My Carpetbagging Truth". But most important in vetting the background of supposed "Educator Jimmy", is asking a simple question. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A EDUCATOR? We leave that to Jimmy to answer, as noted on his Facebook Page. And judging from the date, Jimmy's "educational background" ranks along the same level as another S G & A client who goes by the consultant-crafted moniker "Professor Mike Gatto"---Scott Johnson 
is teaching his first class at the los angeles community on union, politics and political power. 16 years after Riverside Community College gave me my start...I'm now giving back more directly...its been great.

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