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Monday, June 04, 2012

The Political Recycling continues for "Private Citizen/Consultant" John Shallman

We have a "Private Citizen John Shallman" Update
 The last time we made mention of Political Consultant John Shallman aka "Private Citizen John Shallman", was our attempt to extend an open hand to resolve issues that the "Private Citizen" had with our past blog coverage of his political handiwork. For the record, we never did get response from Shallman and we respect his right to "privacy".  
But imagine our surprise when we saw Private Citizen Shallman on Fox 11 News discussing the District Attorney Race and the latest attack on his current client/candidate City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (** This is the same Political Consultant John Shallman who managed now Congresswoman Janice Hahn's campaign which filed a "Cease and Desist Order" against Fox 11 News).
Shallman, who is well verse in recycling campaign mailers for reuse among his multiple clients, showed the same proclivity for falling back on past political cliches to describe the latest attack on Trutanich as the LA Weekly reports.
John Shallman, Trutanich's strategist, appeared on Fox's Studio 11 L.A. He was asked about a May 11 story in the L.A. Times that questioned Trutanich's claim to have been attacked by gang members when he was a prosecutor in 1985.
"It's a swiftboat attack on Carmen Trutanich propagated by his chief opponent, the chief deputy district attorney in Los Angeles," Shallman said. (** Cry me up the friggin Mekong Delta after that line!)

Did anybody notice the ironies here that Shallman would revert to the Swift Boat cliche to defend a former republican from an attack by a liberal candidate who's campaign is be consulted by none other than former Oak Hill Private Street resident Parke Skelton? But lets give the "Private Citizen?Consultant Shallman credit for his efforts at bringing a green consciousness to political consulting by his use of recycle mailers ....... and now political cliches.

Your thoughts ...............
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Anonymous Anonymous said:

A clown working for a clown.

June 04, 2012 4:15 PM  

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