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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Notes on the Primary Election Scorecard for June 6, 2012

 Lies do cause political harm Carmen.
Another Big Money Campaign Loss for "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman.
Great morning to all in Los Angeles, California and thee United States of America!
As is customary after each election cycle, this blogger honors one of Los Angeles most beloved sports writer, the late Allan "Mud" Malamud by offer our post election musing "Notes on the Primary Election Scorecard". There are winners, definitely losers and other relevant observations on yesterday's election proceedings. But most important are your thoughts on yesterday's results.
Dare we utter the four letter name of yesterday's biggest political loser? NUCH!
Who once again consulted his way through mega campaign funding only to sink again the political aspirations of his client? We may risk another "cease and desist order", but we must or "shall(man)" name the "swift boated, private citizen/political consultant", or maybe not .
The "kiss of endorsement death" via Mayor Antonio Villar, claimed another political candidate with former Mayor Villar staffer Torie Osborn failing to make the General Election runoff in the 50th Assembly District.
Voters in the newly-drawn 39th Assembly District will hopefully do the greater good and end the "Zorro Marxist Era" of political self-enrichment in November.
Charter School supporters ED Voice spent how much on 46th AD Candidate Brian Johnson only to see him just slip into the second spot in front of Republican Jay Stern by 83 votes?
What is another election cycle without a crying baby moment from the Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto? Little Mikey will have multiple political tantrum days ahead as only 56% of voters selected him over Republican Greg Kirkorian who spent less than $10,000 on yesterday's vote.
The Calderon Family Machine of Montebello took a major hit yesterday as Tom Calderon fail to advance to the General Election in the 58th Assembly District. But nephew Ian Calderon (son of Chuck) placed second in the 57th Assembly District.
Under the local media radar were big losses for the public employees unions in San Jose and San Diego as voters elected to reform their respective cities retirement/pension systems.
Gotta love when the Health Nazis get defeated at the polling place, especially when the margin is close.
Congressman Howard Berman is on political life support.

** From the 39th AD, a losing streak continues for a "certain ex. blogger" who could not reverse his string of campaign losses, even with the help of some of his CD 15 campaign chums. 
Lastly, President Barack "H" Obama.
Conservative common sense in Wisconsin.
Local Republican Political Consultant John Thomas for his work on behalf of District Attorney Candidate Alan Jackson.
Former Oak Hill Resident and Progressive Political Consultant Parke Skelton for his "Swift Boating" of the Trutanich Campaign.
San Gabriel Valley Republican Assembly Candidates Joe Gardner in the 48th AD and Matthew Lin in the 49th AD, who both bested their top democratic opponants.
Raul Bocanegra in the 39th AD.
Santa Monica's Richard Bloom's outstanding showing in the 50th AD, finishing ahead of Torie Osborn.
Luis Lopez placing ahead of Gil Cedillo's candidate Arturo Chavez and behind "The Machine's" Jimmy "PACman" Gomez. Chavez, who was hurt badly by the Kinde Durkee Scandal can build upon his positive community leagacy by supporting Lopez in the General Election.
Adrin Nazarian will surely face millions more of Ed Voice's IE money after his victory in the 46th. As usual, we must note the excellent consulting work via Eric Hacopian, on behalf of the Nazarian Campaign.
....... lastly, there is winning in losing for these two republican candidates.
Getting 16% of the vote against Assembly Speaker John Perez will not assure Activist Jose Aguilar of taking any oath of office in the near future. But he and his friend Phil Jennerjahn can share a common bond from yesterday's election. 
While not having the same success as fellow cheesehead Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Jennerjahn like Aguilar, placed second in the 28th Congressional District to Congressman Adam Schiff with 17 % of the vote. Thus, both "Flounder" and "Jennerduh" advance to the General Election in November. WHAT A COUNTRY!! (** and great job both of you, especially for former cellar-dweller Phil).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Blogger Michael Higby said:

Better not praise Eric Hacopian too much or that Burbank blog will accuse you of being paid off.

I still haven't seen my check.

Impressive performance by Krikorian; I am hopeful the team of young Hollywood Republicans who were elected to the 43rd can fire up a winning strategy for him.

June 06, 2012 4:29 PM  

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