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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

No Confidence in a Clown: Carmen Should Resign, Today

In countries like England, when an elected official receives a "vote of no confidence" from the legislature, they step aside for someone else to take the position.

The onetime frontrunner in the race for District Attorney self-destructed so badly that his ability to hold on to his job as Los Angeles City Attorney has to be in doubt. - Westside White Guy

Yesterday, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, only two thirds into his first term, had an abysmal showing in the race to succeed his former booster, District Attorney Steve Cooley, coming in third place with less than 25% of the vote, despite the fact that Trutanich was seen as the front-runner and had most of the City's political establishment and public employee unions supporting him.

According to the Westside White Guy, "Trutanich blames the media, not himself or that dumb pledge." Typical Trutanich. At least he didn't blame George Bush.

"Barack Obama is getting hammered right now," Trutanich said. "I think the negative campaign against me is worse." - LA Weekly

The defeat, significant and embarrassing, lead lone Trutanich supporter and Congressional run-off winner, Phil Jennerjahn, to remark "I'm still his friend. I'm sad for his loss." Upon hearing the news of election returns, Truatnich reportedly remarked that he may not even consider seeking re-election next year.

However, given that Trutanich may be mortally wounded - and that many feel he has severely crippled the City Attorney's office - it may be best if Carmen takes this result as a true vote of no confidence and resign now.  Given a City Council who has had multiple run-ins with him - and who mostly supported him for fear of his power to prosecute public corruption against them as District Attorney - there is no way he can be effective following this knee-capping by the voters. He has lost his bravado and the Council will now shred him alive.

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