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Monday, April 16, 2012

LAUSD questions Financial Structure of Academia Semillas del Pueblo as part of Charter Revocation Recommendation.

Both Academia Semillas del Pueblo Leader Marcos Aguilar and friend CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar have "issues with "public finances".
With less than 48 hours remaining to controversial Charter School Academia Semillas del Pueblo's "Charter Revocation" appointment with the LAUSD's Board of Education, the finances of the charter school entity are again a major concern of LAUSD officials. Five years ago, then LAUSD School Board Member Mike Lansing highlighted the financial practices of Academia as one of the reasons for him voting no on Charter Renewal. In 2012, he may be surprise (more likely not) to fine how little financial practices have changed at Academia.
As in 2007 and continuing in 2012, Marcos Aguilar has been on the Academia Board of Trustees, this creates an unlawful conflict of interest, especially when an employee of the school (Marcos Aguilar as Executive Director) is voting on contracts for school employees. In 2012, Aguilar is listed as an non-voting, ex offcio board member but LAUSD officials still question the legality of the arraignment.
 LAUSD questions the Conflict of Interest of Executive Director Marcos Aguilar.
 Second page on Conflict of Interest.
More disturbing in ascertaining the fiscal well-being of Academia, was the lack of information provided to LAUSD officials by the "charter petitioners" as noted in the Charter Revocation Report.
No Social Security number made available? This questionable financial dealings should reinforce the documentation in Zuma Dogg's 2007 missive on the questionable financial dealing at Academia. And for those who are searching for the hidden racism in this post, numbers are color blind.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14  



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