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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

KABC AM's Doug McIntyre on Fox and Friends discussing DNC Chair Congresswoman "Blabbermouth"-Schultz Interview

KABC 790 AM Morning Show Host Doug McIntyre's "political education" of DNC Chairperson Congresswoman Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz on the reigning "11% Mayor of Los Angeles" Antonio Ramon Villar, continues its viral national ascension. On Friday, Doug gave the above pre-dawn interview with "Fox and Friends" on DNC Chairperson's sought out interview to discuss the Democratic National Committee's selection of the "visionary" City Terrace native as the "chairperson" of its National Convention in September.
You can link here to hear the "borderline offensive" retort of Doug McIntyre to Congresswoman Blabbermouth-Schultz's attempt to spin revisionist facts on the achievements (or lack of) of Mayor Villar. One can ponder as we near the Democratic Convention in September, how many times McIntyre's exchange with the Florida Congresswoman will be replayed to a national audience?
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