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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is More Beer and Wines Sales Conducive to Women Health in Sensitive Communities?

They team up again. The latest collaboration between politico State Senator Kevin de Leon and connected non-profit Legacy LA.
Just over a week after a ground-breaking community summit on the troubling rise of beer, wine and liquor establishments in Boyle Heights, two supporters of expansion of corporate beer and wine sales via 7-Eleven, collaborate on a "Woman's Health Fair" near the Ramona Gardens Community this A.M.
.Senator Kevin de Leon and Legacy LA enjoying "the fruits of their labor" on the behalf of corporate beer and wine seller 7-Eleven.
The last we saw the collaboration of State Senator Kevin de Leon and Legacy LA was at a fundraiser for the connected non-profit, in which 7-Eleven was a partial sponsor. This came after the corporate beer and wine chain won approval for a second beer and wine license in Lincoln Heights and forced a much loved American Veteran survivor of the Cambodia "Killing Fields" to lose his American Dream of business ownership, to make way for a third 7-Eleven store in Lincoln Heights next to Lincoln Park.
Legacy LA supporter and former Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Board Treasurer Liliana Martinez spoke on the behalf of Legacy LA and the Ramona Gardens Community at the 26:45 mark on the video above (with translation help from Councilman Huizar crony Margo Amador). Since then, she and other associates were forced to resigned from the Ramona Gardens RAC because of "financial irregularities".
As previously noted here at Mayor Sam, Martinez can be seen with Gonzalez and Ortega standing with her, at the 21:30 part of the video speaking on the behalf of the Ramona Gardens Community in support of 7-Eleven's efforts to secure a beer and wine license for its store on Broadway and Eastlake in Lincoln Heights. 
Its disturbing to review these videos and ponder how State Senator Kevin de Leon and Legacy LA's support of establishing more options for the purchase of beer and wine in sensitive communities such as Lincoln Heights, increases the chance that women will be prone to more acts of domestic abuse, rapes, robberies and other crimes. But then political and financial considerations has never been a priority when it comes to shilling for corporate beer and wine, right Senator de Leon and Lou Calanche?  

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