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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coucilman Huizar responds to Historic Downtown BID's "Black Balling Claims" via the Downtown News

Blogger notes:One day after the Historic Downtown BID exposed Councilman Jose Huizar for being the thin-skin, insecure, vindictive and petulant politico that many in CD 14 have come to dread, the Princeton grad responds to Downtown News reporter Ryan Vaillancourt, in its online incarnation of the weekly paper (** we provide excerpts, pictures and commentary below). The dust up with the BID is the latest in a series of acts of retributions against perceived political enemies that have touched all areas of Councilman Huizar's Fiefdom. Whether its Colombo's Steakhouse in Eagle Rock, the Boyle Heights and LA 32 Neighborhood Councils and an elderly nominee to HACLA, Councilman Huizar has shown that he doesn't know how to win or is mad about some pending issues. Regardless, the abusive acts of the "Huizar Way", are paving the way for a political slap back---Scott Johnson 
Tom Gilmore calling out the Historic Downtown BID.
"I think that you have to be really careful that when someone in the council office implies to you that somehow permits are going to be harder to get, that liquor licenses are gong to be harder to get, you no longer have autonomy, nor do you have control over your own future," said Gilmore.
Huizar called Gilmore's notion "ridiculous." (ie. so true)
"What Tom Gilmore is alleging is absurd," Huizar said. "My office has never in any way implied someone's project will be held up [if they vote for] Roberto.... I wouldn't do that and I did not direct my staff to do it." (I remember o certain council office who secretly investigated a Park Advisory Board)

Huizar, whose office is hosting a Nov. 9 forum at the Orpheum Theater entitled "The Future of Your Downtown," said that he intends to reach out to the BID to clarify his office's position: He would have worked with whomever they selected. (.... and I have a updated CLARTS Fund report to share with you)
Huizar acknowledged that his office would have been "cautious" about working with an individual who didn't fully buy in to Bringing Back Broadway, but "even if they had selected him," Huizar said, "it would have been OK, water under the bridge."( But what if the river of friendship and trust, has run dry like these former two friends pictured below?

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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