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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boulevard Sentinel on Councilman Huizar/ Colombo's Steakhouse Controversy

Blogger notes: Memo to the likes of the Historic Downtown BID, "Anthony and Val" of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council and any other organizations that chooses to bow before the "Huizar Way", there is a way to stand up for your integrity when a certain Princeton Grad seeks to retaliate against some perceived slight of loyalty. As Tom Topping reports in the October issue of the Boulevard Sentinel, Vic Parrino, the Gereral Manager of the Colombo's Steakhouse, did not back down when Councilman Huizar sought to use his power in lashing back at Parrino and Colombo's for their support of Rudy Martinez in last Spring's CD 14 Elections. The results are telling and a wake-up call for the vindictive politico as he stumbles into his second term---Scott Johnson in CD 14
 Colombo's Steakhouse in Eagle Rock.
From the Boulevard Sentinel ......
Colombo's manager Vic Parrino had applied for the ABC (alcoholic beverage control) permit on time, but was told by ABC officials that the Council office was opposing it. He then talked with Huizar's deputy, Zenay Loera, who told him it was being opposed for "Public Safety" reasons. Not being one to give up easily, he contacted L.A.P.D. and the Fire Department to see what kind of "Public Safety" problems they had. They said it was not a problem.

Victor got back in touch with ABC, and explained that he feared that because he had been a very visible supporter of Rudy Martinez, Councilman Huizar's strongest opponent in the previous election held just 8 months before, the denial was actually a case of retribution and without any real merit. He appeared at the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce meeting on September 27, explained his problem, and asked Kai Newkirk, Huizar's deputy who was attending the meeting, to address it. He didn't get any answer from Kai, who denied any knowledge of the situation, but he didn't really expect to, either. He knew that once his issue was aired in public, he couldn't be ignored.
Another dubious moment for Councilman Huizar.
More from the Sentinel ..........
Everyone knew Victor had been a staunch and visible supporter of Huizar's opponent, and most believed it was a case of Huizar doling out payback to deny the Colombo's beer garden permit. Suddenly, with press inquiries coming in and rumblings of "The Huizar Way" bouncing across the local blogs, the news came down from ABC that the council office was not supporting or opposing the permit, and that it would be granted.

    Colombo's was so busy on Music night that they had to cut off entry because it was too crowded inside. ** A teachable moment how CD 14 constituents need to stand up to the "Huizar Way".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger The Old Lady of ER said:

Vic supported Huizar the first the time and supported Martinez the second time . Guess Parra was right. Parra always said that Huizar was very vandictive.

October 29, 2011 11:19 AM  

Blogger g said:

do you get a free steak if you support the right person?

October 29, 2011 5:07 PM  

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