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Monday, May 03, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Mayor Villaraigosa and the City Council appear united to begin a boycott of Arizona over the Grand Canyon State's ill thought out immigration reform law. As bad as that law may be, it's interesting that the Mayor and Council can snap to it on a politically charged issue like this but can't block DWP rate increases on the residents of Los Angeles, documented or not. In the meantime, Village to Village blogger Paul Hatfield makes an interesting point that the City's boycott could be an illegal restraint of trade.

A resident in Dennis Zine's Council District has an issue with a plus-size mannequin in a lingerie shop in Tarzana. Tracy C. Taylor has written a letter to Zine's office complaining the larger breasted mannequin is showing too much cleavage and is offensive. Zine's office has dispatched inspectors from the Department of Building and Safety to investigate. Given recent headlines, it might have been better to send some DWP employees instead to inspect. Unbelievable, did not know this was the 50s. Let's send the bill to Ms. Taylor for all the City staff time spent on this nonsense.

Even though the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment thinks that the removal of Studio City Neighborhood Council board member Michael Cue was some sort of watershed movement for the experiment in citizen government Paul Hatfield reports that leading Neighborhood Council members Citywide are concerned about the capricious and arbitrary manner in which McCue was removed. Saturday evening JoeB and I co-hosted Live LA Saturday Night with David Hernandez and Hatfield, who had called in, informed us yet another member of the Studio City Council told members of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition that McCue's removal is really no one's business but the board itself. This was a sentiment echoed by "dangerous enemy of freedom" Lisa Sarkin much to the chagrin of stakeholders in the audience.

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