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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Musings on the Dysfunctional Political Doings at 200 Spring Street

"Political thespians at City Hall", Image by Fred Noland at the LA Weekly"

" The Great Hall of Political Dysfunction on Spring Street"

Los Angeles various "scribin observers" of all thing radiating from 200 Spring Street these recent weeks, were busy penning, and in a couple of cases, "pawing their musings" on the dysfunctional state of affairs at City Hall.
Here is an aggregated assortment of just some of the creative missives, penned in the recent days. Enjoy or weep, which ever comes first.
** Lets call these the dueling "Cirque du Missives".
Ken Draper at City Watch has "Cirque du City Hall", meanwhile Los Angeles Times Scribe Steve Lopez pens "Cirque du L.A.". If someone acts quickly, they can copyright the "Cirque du ......." and make some quick bucks.
** Downtown News Editor and "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie, melts movie anologies with observations into "a goo of reason and wit", as he lays out who shoulders the blame for the budgetary follies and guest who he spotlights? None other than "Anvil".
I don’t want to single out Villaraigosa in this. No wait, I do. He’s the guy who wanted to be mayor then governor then president then whatever comes after that (guy who gets to date all the TV ladies around the world?). If Toyota President Akio Toyoda ultimately gets the blame for all those sticky gas pedals, then L.A.’s sticky deficit ends up the responsibility of the man elected to lead the city, the man who appoints the DWP Commission and pulls their strings.
** Over at Ron Kaye's Blog, "Bruno the Watchdag" raises his mug from some kibble and bits "Nazi-like contraption" and paws away these canine musings. Even Bruno in his advance canine age, can discern and chew on the "Cirque de ........" bone. Wonder if "kibble and bits" are "legal doggy tender" for incoporating the copyrighted "Cirque du ........" brand?
Meanwhile for me, its back to the "Cirque du Lakers".
Your thoughts...........
Scott Johnson in "Cirque du District 14"

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

THanks Scott. Ron or Ken had the story up way before Steve Lopez. Problem is Steve Lopez gets paid. The LA Slimes should be reporting on all the campaign money DWP has given the politicians and start naming them. THis way when the DWP rate comes up again, we will all know who is voting and why. Conflict of Interest.

April 11, 2010 4:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

steve lopez loves city hall and they love him why is it lopez takes out mayor and some city concils to lunch to get a story out of them city hall just feed lopez what they whant no wonder los angeles times is a liberal left radical news paper if you whant to now half of new storys around the word you will get it from los angeles times if you whant to now what the hell is goin on in los angeles city hall go to mayor san ,ron k.and many blogs but dont trust los angeles times there are in bed and who nows who is on top yey but one of them is.

April 11, 2010 7:36 PM  

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