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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Live Bloggin Election Results for Los Angeles County

Early returns at 8:19.

LACCD Area 6:
NANCY PEARLMAN 57,676 58.7
% Precincts Reporting 13.05

LACCD Area 2:
TINA PARK 53,715 55.46
ANGELA J REDDOCK 43,144 44.54
% Precincts Reporting 13.05

CD 5:
PAUL KORETZ 6,466 52.98
DAVID T VAHEDI 5,738 47.02
% Precincts Reporting 10.00

City Attorney:
C "NUCH" TRUTANICH 43,272 51.88
JACK WEISS 40,133 48.12
% Precincts Reporting 12.01

JUDY CHU DEM 6,388 41.98
GIL CEDILLO DEM 2,628 17.27
BETTY CHU REP 1,938 12.74
DAVID A TRUA REP 1,036 6.81

State Senate, 26th District:

**The "Ones, A-E" going down big time. "1-F" winning.

Will update numbers at 11:00 PM. ****Here are the updated numbers at 11:00 PM.

LACCD Area 6:
Nancy Pearlman 98,098 59.74
Robert Nakahir0 66,105 40.26
% 0f Precincts 47.03

LACCD Area 2:
Tina Parks 90,456 55.65
Angela J. Reddock 72,097 44.35
% of Precincts 47.03

City Attorney:
Carmen Trutanich 72,885 53.97
Jack Weiss 62,163 46.03
% of Precincts 43.23

Paul Koretz 8,105 53.02
David Vahedi 7,183 46.98
% of Precincts 24.38

CA 32:
Judy Chu 12,897 32.84
Gilbert Cedillo 9,508 24.21
Emanuel Pleitez 5,497 14
Betty Chu 3,975 10.12
Teresa Hernandez 3,114 7.93
% of Precincts 75.68

State Senate, District 26
Curren D. Price 15,131 71.62
Nachum Shifren 4,403 20.84
% of Precincts 32.3

****The "Ones" swims with Governor "Kennedy Republican" in "Uncle Teddy's" car.



Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen (removes hat and bows low with flourish):

The Bard has a little ditty to sing for you for he, if you will, is but a Bard. Perhaps you sots know the tune? It's a Depeche Mode classic. Only the Bard has changed the lyrics to suit himself, and tonight he dedicates this song to all the sitting legislators in the State House. Sing along if you will. (Crew applauds and Bard steps up to microphone)

"We thought we could corrupt you
In a heartbeat because
You think you're so special
Think you're so sweet.

What are you trying?
Do you have contempt for me?
So now you're crying
Because you'd elected me.

I'll be calling out your name
When I need someone to blame

We could corrupt you
It will be easy
Watching you suffer
and how it will ple-ase...

We wanna tax you
With a Prop 13 hum-dinger
We know it will crush you
The memory would linger

You'll be crying out in pain
Begging us to play our games

We could corrupt you
It would be ugly
We could sedate you
But what good would drugs be?

But we wouldn't touch you
Put our hands on your hips
It would be too much to
Place our lips on your lips

You'll be calling out our name
Begging us to play our games..."

(Crew applauds and Bard bows. Captain Sparrow steps back up to the microphone) Sots, we predict that within 8 hours them in the State House will be telling everyone and, if you will, my Mum, how the defeat of these propositions and the aftermath is all the fault of the voting public....for passing the buck is something they do quite well. And passing the blame is something they do even better, savvy?

May 19, 2009 10:06 PM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

Welcome back guys!!!

May 19, 2009 10:36 PM  

Blogger Petra Fried in the City said:

Missed ya, Cap.

May 19, 2009 10:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

State Ballot Measures
34.2% ( 5,941 of 17,393 ) precincts
partially or fully reporting as of May 19, 2009, at 10:14 p.m.

1A “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund
Yes Votes: 910,752 (36.5%)
NO Votes: 1,578,207 (63.5%)

1B Education Funding. Payment Plan.
Yes Votes: 994,485 (40.0%)
NO Votes: 1,487,144 (60.0%)

1C Lottery Modernization Act
Yes Votes: 947,590 (38.2%)
NO Votes: 1,527,721 (61.8%)

1D Children’s Service Funding
Yes Votes: 928,772 (37.5%)
NO Votes: 1,543,478 (62.5%)

1E Mental Health Funding
Yes Votes: 910,981 (37.0%)
NO Votes: 1,547,734 (63.0%)

1F Elected Officials Salaries
Yes Votes: 1,894,253 (76.4%)
NO Votes: 586,818 (23.6%)


May 19, 2009 10:46 PM  

Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen (tips hat):

Thank you. It's good to be back for if we were not here we would be, if you will, somewhere else...savvy?

May 19, 2009 11:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Xavier Becerra put all his clout behind Gil Cedillo and then he let Richard Polanco piss it away. For being a smart guy this was a really dumb move. So much for you being a power broker.

Xavier, Lucille, Molina - what will your legacy be - nothing but ass whippings at the hands of Parke Skelton.

May 19, 2009 11:24 PM  

Blogger Petra Fried in the City said:

Savvy, Sir!

Yes sir!

May 19, 2009 11:42 PM  

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