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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Statewide Example of the non-profit abuse Zuma Dogg has been speaking of on the radio, TV and blogs (CITIZENS ALERT, Too)

Some good stories in today's LA Times about the non-profit and charter school concerns as reported on this blog and mentioned a lot recently to Board of Supervisors, City Council and radio talk show hosts (including Bill O'Reilly today).

A Marin County center non-profit gains influence through the governor's top aide.
By Jordan Rau & Evan Halper, LA Times Staff Writers
September 4, 2007

SACRAMENTO -- Marin Services for Women, a small treatment center in a San Francisco suburb, offers alcoholic and drug-addicted women a portal to better lives. Since Susan Kennedy, the domestic partner of a Marin Services executive, became chief of staff to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, it also has become a gateway to powerful people and places in state government.

This summer, Schwarzenegger hired a member of the non-profit's board as state labor commissioner, then gave her domestic partner a $123,897-a-year- state job. Schwarzenegger also appointed a Marin Services executive to direct the state's drug and alcohol programs.

And the governor has kept Vicki Marti, Kennedy's partner, on a state medical commission that pays $54,250 a year even though her term has expired. The board is a favored spot for patronage appointments; it includes three termed-out legislators and an ex-wife of a former state Senate president.

Now, Marin Services is using the lure of time with Kennedy to raise money. The center is honoring her at its annual fundraising dinner Sept. 14 and soliciting donations of as much as $25,000 for the chance to attend a private reception with her beforehand.

California's two U.S. senators, Democrats Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, are co-hosts of the event, which will honor bestselling author Anne Lamott as well as Kennedy. Tickets are $150. The big draw is the private reception with Kennedy, whom the invitation identifies repeatedly as Schwarzenegger's chief of staff.

(Someone quoted in article) said the appointments strike him as "a small circle of people here who hang out and make good things happen for each other."

Please read the entire article here

ZumaTimes.com: LA Times "future stories"

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Speaking of non profit abuse Janice HAhn sent out a notice to all Neihborhood Councils asking them for a statement on the bullshit ballot measure she wants to put for 2008 to give more gang bangers money to abuse. I say HELLL NOOOO. ALL NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS NEED TO TELL JANICE TAKE A HIKE. Zuma you need to speak out against that as many of us are.

September 05, 2007 6:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

There was hardly any people at the celebration on Sunday for our city. Villaraigosa didn't even walk. Watch when Sept. 16th comes which is Mexican Independence DAy how much more attention our Mecha politicians give that day. Huizar has sent out invites for people to celebrate Mexican Indie DAy at city hall. All they do for Fourth of July is pop fireworks. This city has turned into Tijuana. As someone has said we never had this crap when Mayor Hahn was in office. Those damn illegals never had the arrogant attitude they do now thanks to Villaraiogsa

September 05, 2007 6:27 AM  

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