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Friday, February 16, 2007

Gone Fishin'

This old, dead Republican mayor is leaving town for a few days for a fact finding mission in California's Central Valley. I am sure Zuma Dogg and Walter Moore will keep you entertained and informed. In the meantime, feel free to use this as your open thread for today. What's Antonio up to for the weekend? Who is he wearing to the Oscars? How about that Al Franken leaving Airhead America to run for the Senate (Stuart Smalley Goes to Washington). What are your plans for the three day weekend?

Blog away dum dums.

And while I have the chance let me say how sincerely I appreciate the support and participation of our readers. YOU make the Sister City what it is. Even you radical left wing red baby diaper dopers like Patrick the Green Socialist and the rest of you anonymous twits.

Of course we would be nothing without Zuma Dogg, Walter Moore, Councilman John, Joe Mailander, Jennifer, Joe "Nim" B and the rest of our contributors. THANK YOU!

See you next week!


Anonymous Anonymous said:

How come Zuma Dogg is first on your 'nothing without' list?
How come Zuma Dogg gets to write for LA Weekly?
why does everyone call Zuma Dogg with their breaking news and corruption?
how come they always mention Zuma Dogg's name on the radio?
how come Zuma Dogg gets his own private chambers?

its bloody favoritism, thats what it is.
feel good Zuma, that Mayor Sam list could well be your biggest moment yet.

February 16, 2007 8:59 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You Aussie twit its because Zuma is a legal resident of the US and you are not!

Deport Matt Dowd!
Deport Matt Dowd!
Deport Matt Dowd!
Deport Matt Dowd!
Deport Matt Dowd!
Deport Matt Dowd!

February 16, 2007 10:31 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey MATT...

BofA is offering free credit cards to illegals are you going to hook yourself up??????

February 16, 2007 10:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Attention Mayor Villaraigosa...




February 16, 2007 10:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MS sez, "Of course we would be nothing without Zuma Dogg . . .

Consider upgrading, MS.

Your site is LESS-than-nothing with him; a virtual cesspool of endless, untested unfounded innuendo, and illogical tripe.

The elevation of your efforts would do the city some good.

In biblical times, they stoned "false prophets" if they were even once caught passing through information that ended up having no basis in fact.

By now, ZD's "stones" (not that kind) could pave the next L.A. freeway.

Because he's always been loud, but never been right.

February 16, 2007 10:42 AM  

Blogger Patrick Meighan said:

"Even you radical left wing red baby diaper dopers like Patrick the Green Socialist and the rest of you anonymous twits."

Aw, shucks...

Patrick Meighan
Los Angeles Greens

February 16, 2007 2:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Matt Dowd is illegal alien?

But he looks white?

February 16, 2007 2:15 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Uh, how often has anyone proven Zuma wrong?

February 16, 2007 3:23 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Matt Dowd is white? I thought he was a black man stuck in a white body.

February 16, 2007 3:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

No one tries to "prove" that ZD is "wrong" anymore than it pays to argue with the crazies on skidrow that little green men are intercepting their brainwaves and spending their disability checks.

It's a waste of breath. There is no common ground among the sane and washed upon which to reach that determination.

And he's only ver "right" to the extreme contrarian wackos who believe that if "gubberment is behind it, it MUST be bad!"

It's a fun game to play until puberty sets in. After that, it's just real sad. So very sad.

February 16, 2007 3:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

yup, and you can read all about it in the LA Weekly.

meanwhile, Mayor Sam must've watched this video

February 16, 2007 8:03 PM  

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