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Monday, January 15, 2007

Aroung the Blog-LA-Sphere

LA City Nerd is asking his readers to come up with "one sentence descriptions" of Los Angeles. Most folks are turning in sentences of the run on variety. Let this old, dead Republican mayor take a stab at it: "Los Angeles is a three ring circus."

Parking issues are at the forefront of LA Voice. First off, a racist rant about Chinese drivers by someone named Stanley Gray. Next a piece on a great website - YouParkLikeAnAsshole.com.

Boi From Troy reports that the City Clowncil just can't get enough taxes and has doubled the per passenger fee LAX charges air travlers. Along with hiking airport hotel workers' salaries its a great program for being business friendly at an important economic engine.

One of the junior bloggers who works (LA) Observing things for the WWG reports that Rick Orlov will break the story Monday that City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo plans to run for City Controller, a spot that City Councilwomen Wendy Greuel is considering. Smarting from his ass kicking by Jerry Brown in last year's Democratic primary for state attorney general, Rocky may wish to re-think this strategy. Greuel will be a well funded, popular opponent.

Here in Van Nuys notes that
after one year in operation, no real estate development is happening near the Van Nuys stations of the Metro Orange Line. This is in contrast to the massive development under way near the North Hollywood termini of the Orange Line and its subway cousin, the Metro Red Line.

Recognizing the importance of this new medium, politicians and candidates are hiring bloggers to help them get their message out. LoneWacko announced he was hired by an Arizona legislator to write speeches. In other news, presidential hopeful John Edwards is reaching out to bloggers hoping they will cover his campaign. For any of you electeds or wanna be electeds out there, this old, dead Republican mayor can be a gun for hire. You can reach me at mayorsamyorty@aol.com.

If you want to keep up with the cost overrun plagued construction of the new LAPD Parker Center Headquarters, yup you guessed it - someone set up a blog. Check out www.iknowla.net for photos and updates.



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