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Monday, November 06, 2006

What ZD Will Be Fighting For Wed. After Elections

Two or three issues that I will be hitting up, right after elections on Tuesday:

* DWP charging LA City residences for services in areas they ARE NOT PROVIDING SERVICE.

* ICO's (Affordable Housing & Tenant's Relocation Rights): With the luxury condo-conversion boom the Mayor is imposing on the city of L.A., the economic and social facbric of the City is being destoryed. With no affordable housing being factored into the Mayor's development equation (and I'm not talking about the diversionary Prop. H type bonds that don't provide a drip in the bucket), there will be no middle class/working class here in the City, just rich, loft yuppies; and the people like teachers, police, city workers, cubicle workers, working class, service industry will be forced to live outside the City of Los Angeles; and traffic/commute times will get even worse; further destroying the social and economic culture of this City.

You'll have lower income people sent into the streets for the first time in their lives, and you have middle income families moving to the lower income areas or straight onto the streets, themselves.

But the City of Los Angeles has the ability to address the affordable housing problem in the realistic spirit in which it is intended:

It's one little sentence in the I.C.O.s that Councilmembers from across the City have filed, proclaiming, "One third of all condo conversions must include affordable housing."

And the Housing and Planning Committee finally started to address this crisis situation running rampant throughout the City, at last week's meeting when they brought to the City's attention, "Great, well it sounds like 'one-third affordable housing for all condo conversions' is already a City regulation, so have the City Attorney's office get on the phone with the Planning Department and let's start simply enforcing the rules already established by the City.

And, the other issue "mingled" with the "affordable housing" issue is "relocation fees" that are supposed to be paid to displaced tenants for each and every condo conversion. But, it ain't so easy to get that money from the developers (as required by the Planning and Land Use Department), and even if you do get some relocation money without having to file a Superior Court complaing, the City is using 1980's payment standards.

Tenant's Rights Activist Noel Weiss has convinced Zuma Dogg that a "9 and 20" policy should be adopted. Meaning if you are displaced because of one of these condo conversions (aka: The Mayor's falsely imposed luxury condo boom), non-senior/non-disabled/single resident tenant's should get $9,000 relocation fee; and senior/disabled/families (three people living in one dwelling) should get $20,000 relocation fee.

ON DECK REGARDING THIS CRISIS: LAND SEVERANCE; allowing property owners who got burnt in the housing boom bubble, who need to get rid of the $2 million dollar properties they are taking a bath on. Solution: They sell the land to a private company (there are plenty of land investors who would buy the land rights only), then have a tenant "co-op" buy the property and they operate and maintain the building. So everybody wins. Hit up Eric Garcetti on this one, or Big ZD.

So these are some of the things I will be fighting for this week at City Hall. (Plus, whatever else pops up.)

[PAYPAL users...hit me up with a donation on my website www.zumadogg.com, so i can make it to a few meetings and city hall every day this week. don't trip, haters...it doesn't hurt to ask, and i DO have a 4900 cell phone bill to pay over all of this stuff, plus gas expenses and whatnot.]


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