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Monday, November 06, 2006

UPDATE: City Wants To "Regulate" Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Not Close Them

Thanks to Brian from Councilmember Dennis Zine's office who help chill ZD out on the scare that the L.A. City Council was going to be trying to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles, and therefore, driving the regulated and state taxed revenues out onto the streets where it would be sold by gangsters and criminals and it would become a real increase in public saftey hazard.

But, what it appears Councilmembers Zine and Ed Reyes are proposing to do is simply impose some type of restrictions based on zoning laws, and here's why: On June 06, 2006 the County lifted a morituorium on Med Marijuana dispensaries and instituted County regulations that was the checkered flag for dispensaries to pop up in every knook and cranny in the City (including close to schools and residential homes).

And the City doesn't even have a list of these dispensaries, there is no regulation and anyone with enough money to buy enough weed to open a store, can open one up anywhere a landlord has rental space.

So, although personally, ZD would love to see dispensaries on every street corner like Starbuck's, in the true spirit in which these medical dispensaries are intended, as long as the City isn't actually looking for a way to shut 'em down and force buisness back onto the streets, any reasonable person on the side of keeping dispensaries open, should be able to admit, there needs to be some City regulation, which currently, I am told there is none. So here is what they are aksing to be considered: Thanks Councilmember Zine's office for straightening it out for ZD.

From : Brian Perry
To : zumadogg@netzero.com
Subject : Medical Marijuana
Date : Mon, Nov 06, 2006 11:32 AM

These are the items that Councilman Zine asked the City Attorney, the Planning
Department, Building and Safety, the Los Angeles Police Department, Neighborhood Councils, and any other city departments relevant for review and comment, as well as Caregiver Organizations to establish to review as they establish an Ordinance to allow the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in the form of cooperatives/collectives in the City of Los Angeles.
Specific issues the departments will address should include, but not be limited to:
Proximity to schools, recreation, residential, and to other dispensaries
Appropriate Permits, Licenses, Signs, and Inspections
Scope of goods and services available
Rules for on-site consumption
Hours of Operations
Mandatory Security / Prohibition of Firearms
Background Checks for operators
Qualifications to issue prescriptions
Limits to Cash on Premises and “excessive profit”
Maximum Number of Dispensaries allowed in the City
Appropriate Disclaimers for Liability Considerations

More of this to come on Mayor Sam as it unfolds.



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