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Sunday, October 29, 2006

LAUSD "Partnership Schools" About To Miss Out On State Money Over AB 1381

Although the discussion of AB 1381 last spring and summer was enough to scare me into political activism over the LAUSD Senate approved Bill, it wasn't until I was watching the LAUSD Board Meeting on TV that drove home just how right all the critics of the Bill actually were.

Rick Pratt of the California School Board Association was on hand to give his Adobe presentation of State funds that were going to be dolled out amongst all the schools in California. Lots of money, for lots of great program, teachers and classrooms.

Only problem, every item had a "(AB 1381 conflict)" disclaimer at the bottom of the page. And Rick Pratt had to continually clarify, that under AB 1381, so much bueracracy has been attached to LAUSD "partnership" schools, that the State is actually PROHIBITED from giving money to the Mayor Villagrossa overseen schools, under this Fabian "Nucklehead" Nunez school bill.

Upon discovering of this travesty for the kids and parents of AB 1381 affected schools, LAUSD Boardmember Julie Korenstein called AB 1381, "A Frankenstein that we have created." And went on to say, "AB 1381 is going to continue to shock us time and time and time again. Which is why it needs to be challenged in court."

So basically, it's as bad as we thought. AB 1381 hasn't even started, and the "partnership schools" are already losing out on State money that will now be going to other schools outside the district. (The one's way better off than LAUSD.)

Way to represent for your constituents Fabian Nunez, with your bogus and unconstitutional AB 1381. You suck! Now go take another picture with Arnold Schwartzenegger, take some more corporate money, and turn your back on the community a little more.


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