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Monday, April 03, 2006

Changes to the Sister CIty

Of course, our April Fool's gag was a big setup, but there are a few changes afoot at the Sister City.

We had hoped to debut a new template here at the Sister City today. However, the template we're working on is not quite where we want it. Its more than a cosmetic change, we want something that organizes the information on this blog more efficiently, while adding value overall. So we're going to take a little more time.

However, we want to welcome two new writers to the Sister City at this point. Jennifer Solis graduated with honors from Belmont High School (Los Angeles) in 2004, where she was elected student body president in both her junior and senior years, and a columnist on the politics of education. She is working toward a PhD in Developmental Psychology, then medical school to become a pediatric psychiatrist, to do research and case work in nutritional alternatives to the current pharmacological interventions prescribed for problem children. Jennifer has already begun posting articles and we look forward to further contributions from her.

Joe B has been a habitual troublemaker in Los Angeles since 1982. He has lived in almost every community in the city, and swears by the adage that, "Only an idiot would live on the Westside". He currently works in the film industry, and is the proud father of 2 great kids. When he's not working to stop Home Depot, he can probably be found working on his house. I should also mention that Joe B is the only contributor to this blog that has survived a kidnapping, once ran a lesbian bar, attended Abby Hoffmans Wake, played CBGBs, and emerged unscathed from a fiery car accident where his car was hit by a 18 wheeler causing it to flip 5 times across the freeway. To this day, he still does not like big trucks. He will be a very welcome contribution to the blog.

Finally, we announce the official departure of Mayor Frank - Brian Hay - from our blog. No one has made a greater contribution to our blog than Brian and we would not be where we are at today without him. Brian has been on a hiatus for some time and has taken on new projects. We wish him the very best and are very appreciative of what he has done for us.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

One thing is really missing...you need at least one (or more) City Hall insiders/staffers to give info that is not available in the newspaper about what is really going on down there.

Just a suggestion.

April 03, 2006 11:02 AM  

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