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Monday, September 02, 2013

Happy Labor and Birthday to former LA Times Pressman and Blogger Ed Padgett

Happy Mayor Sam Birthday wishes to a truly Blogging Man of Labor Ed Padgett
Former LA Times Pressman Blogger Ed Padgett. 
As we get ready to partake in the Labor Day ritual of BBQ and relaxation, we want to extend a most sincere Mayor Sam Birthday Greetings to our blogging friend Ed Padgett.
The proprietor of the LA Times Pressmen Blog, Padgett was terminated by the "Old Gray Collectivist, Elitist Hag on Spring Street" in December of 2011, after some sham investigation of his supposed outing of in-house labor issues.
Padgett was a supporter of unionizing the Pressroom at the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag", but the labor, liberal leanings of the former Fishwrap of Record, did not extend to its corporate bosses, who took a dim view of Padgett's blogging commentary. Thus, ending his 39 year employment.
With his pressman days behind him (but not forgotten via his recent blog post), Mr. Padgett has regale his Facebook friends with posts on his wonderful family, his opinions on issues of the day and still keeps up with his former pressman colleagues.
In closing, Ed has always been a supporter of this blog and this blogger appreciates his kind words over time. Thus, we wish the best for a truly Bloggin Man of Labor, on this special day.
With respects,
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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