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Sunday, June 09, 2013

While Villaraigosa Danced

(Photo by Venice4Change)
The shooter who killed four (with one more barely clinging to life) last Friday in Santa Monica, California has been identified as 23 year old John Zawahri. Before his rampage across town and on the campus of Santa Monica College he killed his father, Samir and brother, Chris at the father's home and set it on fire.

Breaking: KCBS reports that a sixth person has now died as a result of the shooting.

All of this shortly followed by a taxpayer funded romp on behalf of Mayor Villaraigosa (complete with free nachos, Ryan Seacrest and Bill Clinton), where, according to those in attendance, no mention was made of the tragedy just a few miles away nor was the tone of the event moderated out of respect.

Outside, he car-jacked a woman, shot another who hesitated after he had told her to leave, and then forced the first one to drive him to the college. Along the way he shot up a bus (no one injured) and as they approached the college parking lot he shot and killed the driver of an SUV, Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, also hitting Franco's daughter who is the one still in critical condition on life support.

Being pursued by police, Zawahri ran toward the college library, shot a woman outside the entrance (she later died at the hospital) and from various reports fired up to 70 rounds inside the library, not injuring or killing anyone else. Police engaged the shooter and he was hit and died a short time later after being carried outside by the officers.

The image above shows him entering the library via security footage, his Santa Monica High School yearbook picture and some of the tactical gear he had been wearing plus 1,300 rounds of ammunition in multiple magazines, "not clips" for the AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle he used in the attacks. He was also carrying a handgun, what looks like a 6-shot revolver, had some body armor and a tactical belt for holding the clips.

Zawahri was reported to have been a very angry man who as a juvenile had a run in with police in 2006 and had been hospitalized for mental illness in recent years after allegedly talking about harming others. It's being said that he was distraught over the divorce of his parents.

Because of the last name Zawahri, Internet discussions are assuming that he was a terrorist, which authorities are denying at this time. The Zawahris reportedly were Orthodox Christians from Lebanon. The mother is out of the country, which one could assume has most likely saved her life.

AR-15 type rifles are legal in California under strict conditions, but those with easily changed ammo clips are not. Where he acquired this weapon has not been reported so far.

The question begged is: Why was someone with a history of mental illness who had previously threatened to harm others not being treated in a facility somewhere? The super-strict gun control laws of California couldn't stop this angry young man from getting the firepower he desired... couldn't stop him from destroying the lives of multiple families... couldn't stop the EVIL that was John Zawahri.

Suzanne Lauer and I will be discussing this story and more, today at 4pm as we fill in for Frank Sheftel and Tai Babalonia at 4pm PDT on LATalkRadio.com

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