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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Laurette Healey "not qualified" for 46th Assembly District Race

Is there enough ink in this pen for forty signatures?
Mayor Sam has learned that Republican turned Democratic perennial candidate Laurette Healey, was not qualified for ballot inclusion in the hotly contested San Fernando Valley 46th Assembly District.
According to multiple sources, Healey's problems started with signatures which were not valid. From one source, 
She screwed up her signatures and tired to turn in (in lieu of sigs) yesterday 10 days past the deadline. So at 11 yesterday (Friday) she figured out she screwed and took out nominating petitions and had 4 hours to get forty good sigs and make it to the register. No one knows if she made it or not, she is not listed as filed. .

As of Sunday evening, this was the latest on Healey's problems.
Won't know until tomorrow, but as of right now she is not listed as having filed. The story of her screw up has been confirmed, we just don't know if she will make it.

We will update this story later in the day..
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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