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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cut and Paste Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Friday

"The bright beacon of corruption on Hope Street"
A day after Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, manipulated Council procedural rules to pass an emergency motion to raise utility rates, the Department of Water and Power Commission voted to give their concurrence to the scheme, errrr, plan to move Los Angeles along toward its goal of becoming the "Green Energy Beacon to the World", Proceeds from this are surely to benefit the likes of S. David Freeman, Ari Swiller, IBEW, paid for by the families and businesses of LA.
As usual Mayor Parkervillar's Deputy Chief of Staff for Spin Matt Szabo, is good for some example of double-speak.
Villaraigosa promised in the 2005 election campaign that he would reach a 20% renewable goal at the DWP wiithin five years. Szabo said Villaraigosa is not giving up on that goal and will work with council members to achieve it.
Reading between the lines, Mayor Parkervillar is not giving up on his Green Energy Scheme to line the pockets of his political friends with this tax hike on Angelinos.
Thus, the multi part political tragedy that was the "Great DWP Standoff at 200 Spring Street", ends its limited engagement, until the next installment of rate increases.
** While the likes of Boss D'Acry's IBEW reap increases to their monetary bottom line, the City of Los Angeles "Coalition of Unions", have release a plan outlining ways to prevent future layoffs in the city workforce. That enlisted this response, from once again, Deputy Chief of Staff for Spin Matt Szabo.
"The mayor's always open to constructive solutions from labor," said Villaraigosa Deputy Chief of Staff Matt Szabo. "But he also must operate within the realm of reality."
The "man of labor" once again speaks from his heart......
** AEG's strongman, whoops, President Tim LIEweke is teaming with Casey Wasserman, in proposing a NFL stadium on the site of the LA Convention Center's West Hall. No doubt if their plan moves forward, that some sort of corporate welfare, paid for by city residents and businesses, will be a part of the proposal.
Wonder what Frank Sheftel's friend, former Councilman Joel Wach's opinion of this newest stadium scheme, would be?
** What is up with all the "trolley billboards" downtown? Los Angeles Garment and Citizen Newspaper Editor Jerry Sullivan, has the details in his latest "Dat, Dat, Dish Column".
** Downtown visitors beware, the California Democratic Convention makes its subsidize appearance at the Convention Center, for the first time in recent memory. No word if former 43rd District Assemblyman Dario "Duhio" Frommer will be given any time to address the pandering masses, with his conspiracy theory regarding our "close ties" to EDH Associates.
** In the words of Parque Esqueleto, "Gosh durn it!!" I Parke Skelton, the image crafter of the progressive, populist hero from City Terrace, Mayor Tony Villar, made # 51 on the Capital Weekly's most influential political players in California politics list.
** ......... and lastly, how does the "Westside White Guy" describes the Neon Tommy profile of former Daily News Editor, turned citizen advocate Ron Kaye? Read for yourself.
The story captures Kaye as a 68-year-old white ex-newspaperman from the far west end of the Valley who wants to create a "new revolution" that goes beyond the early-2000s secession campaign he stage-managed as managing editor of the Daily News. His fellow travelers are still mostly angry white guys from the Valley, and though he hasn't gotten so much political traction, Aron notes Kaye has been deft at attracting media attention.
...... and Roderick is some supposed Pulitzer Award winning ex. scribe for the former "fishwrap of record" which has become, now merely the "West LA dog trainer of record".
Your thoughts............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

From LA Weekly 2005
Villaraigosa has kept his distance from the DWP, at least publicly, during his campaign and since taking office. The IBEW spent $307,432 on his campaign. Villaraigosa has a long and close relationship with the IBEW’s business manager, Brian D’Arcy. And while respected former legislative analyst Ron Deaton was brought in to manage the DWP last year, his progress thus far is difficult to identify. To some, he has been a disappointment. “I suppose even a giant is no match for the politics of the department,” says a veteran employee at the DWP.

April 17, 2010 3:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I call it the "Green Energy Bacon for the LA Millionaires". They probably do too, when they think the residents aren't listening.

April 17, 2010 4:59 PM  

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