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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

The Daily Breeze profiles the three candidates for City Controller in a piece Saturday.  Rick Orlov talks to Council Member Wendy Greuel who is trying to get out of Mayor Villaraigosa's shadow, former DWP Commission President Nick Patsaouras who hopes to achieve further name recognition and visibility for his reform agenda and Walter Moore affiliated candidated Suzy Evans who did not return Orlov's phone calls or emails (hello?). 

In case you missed it over the weekend: "Fraud and Disorder."

Interesting piece in the Times about our March 3rd elections.  The Former Fishwrap of Record laments the lack of choices in most of the races or even the lack of a contest.  While they say they often agree with the assessments of how fouled up City government is that lesser known candidates make, they often can not find much more than that to make a endorsement of an alternative candidate.  So they wind up endorsing the incumbent and realize it often makes them look foolish or inconsistent.  Still the Times in conducting courtesy endorsement interviews with all candidates are hoping that perhaps someone will prove them otherwise and therefore will take more time than usual with their process.  As well, beyond the usual interviews, the Times plans to hold the open vetting process of Measure B the City didn't and will rely heavily on the comments of it's readers on the controversial measure in coming to a conclusion.

Now that President Obama has signed an executive order that the terrorist prison camp at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba be closed; the next issue is where to put the detainees (which is why I say that Gitmo won't be closed anytime soon; at best there will be modifications to the process there).  If you think we have NIMBYs here on billboards and super-sized houses wait until some Congressman gets word that Al Queada is going to be stored in his district.  Still Congressman Bill Young of Florida has a great idea where to send them - in Nancy Pelosi's district at Alcatraz.

Tom Hanks has stirred controversy in the Gay community for apologizng for his part remarks that members of the Mormon faith were "un-American" for their support of Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in California. A statement released by the actor-director stated that "Everyone has a right to vote their conscience; nothing could be more American. No one should use 'un- American' lightly or in haste. I did. I should not have."  Even more interestng reading in the comments at gay blog Towlerroad including claims that Hanks was motivated by the coming release of his film "Angels and Demons" to "Tom Hanks is a dork" to a remark that Mormonism was the "Scientology of the 19th Century."

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

So did I miss something or is the bald-headed middle-aged mutt officially out of the mayor's race? That would make for 2, the number of times Zuma Mutt "ran for office" not to even make it to the ballot.

Watching Zuma call Walter Moore self-centered had me laughing for quite a while. The Nightline thing was a blast as well. Did he even get 30 seconds? All this whoop-de-whoop for 30 seconds? And he calls Walter Moore self-centered? At least now we know why Zuma wears sunglasses and a cap while acting like a lunatic, he is overcompensating for his shortcomings.

January 26, 2009 3:35 AM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Actually, City Controller Candidate Suzy Evans DID return Orlov's calls, and her remarks were reported in the version of the article printed in the Contra Costa Times:


January 26, 2009 6:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's clear that Zuma Dogg is willing to try and sabotage any other candidates.

Zuma Dogg, why don't you just focus on Villaraigosa, instead of trying to sink the other candidates?

It's a childish thing you're doing, and it's as though you're saying, if you can't be the Mayor, then noone can be the Mayor.

You are a sabotager. And it could cost the city from getting the change that the people want, instead of what only you want.

January 26, 2009 7:24 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Once again, zuma dogg lies and attacked Suzy Evans.

Zuma Dogg claims to want to help bring change to the city, but is willing to lie (like the incumbents) to tear down the other viable candidates.

ZD why don't you take your bally and go home, since you can't play well with others?

January 26, 2009 7:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Alger in the house!

Time for some Schoolhouse Rock, Jim.

sabotager = wrong
saboteur = correct

noone = wrong
no one = correct

January 26, 2009 9:42 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thankfully, Walter doesn't participate in the slamming of the other candidates. He knows how to disagree without destroying.

It is too bad ZD doesn't do the same, and focus on the problems.

January 26, 2009 10:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

No he just does it anonymously on Mayor Sam. Zuma is outrageous but credit him for having the balls to speak his mind.

January 26, 2009 11:10 AM  

Anonymous Phil Jennerjahn said:

Oh... I see Walter Moore is correcting everyone AGAIN, like he loves to do. His candidate Suzy Evans DID get her comments printed in the Contra Costa Times...which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm sure that will help her get a ton of votes here in Los Angeles.

To learn more about who to vote for in the mayoral election, see the "Voter Guide" at my website.


January 26, 2009 11:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

1110 = zumma dogg

Zumma does that, "No I'm not, yes you are" crap all the time.

January 26, 2009 11:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Note how 11:10am feels that it's okay to slam other candidates so long as ZD puts his name on it.

That's like saying shoplifting is okay as long as you don't wear a disguise.

What an idiot. Sincerely, Jim Alger

January 26, 2009 11:24 AM  

Blogger Jim Alger said:

9:42 am, I don't know how many times I have to say this, but I post under my own name. My opinions on ZD are well known because when I posted them I used my own name. (Firefox also has a spell check genius)

I understand your attempt to drag me into your little fight, but the Mayoral race is over, that is just reality. There are no candidates willing to run the CAMPAIGN required to even pose a threat, let alone win. ZD needs the attention and spotlight so he needs an enemy, today it looks like its Walter tomorrow it will be someone/thing else. It is entertaining, but the actual change takes place by taking one issue and working on it, building consensus and getting something accomplished for the community. I have never been shy about saying that so please, do not try and scoop me into your anonymous posting BS.

I am beginning to suspect the same thing is occurring on the Measure B issue. Too many people willing to stand around and complain, no one willing to knock on doors and phone bank etc... in other words not an actual campaign.

January 26, 2009 11:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

11:10 That's the problem exactly! In zooma's mind 30 seconds =s a "feature/interview" that's the "highlight " of his career. And he goes on and on and on and on .

It's not even entertaining anymore. If only he would talk about issues instead of himself and how he is the best in the U.S.

Higby can't you give this egomaniac a clue?

January 26, 2009 12:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Patrick Range McDonad has a piece in today's Weakly lamenting that Nightline "went soft" on its segment about the end of public access -- instead of "naming names" about who the villains were behind it, like he had, even though he claims the segment was based on his story, they just featured a few of the hosts (aka crackpots plus Dutton) they'd featured.

Hey Patrick, what you don't get and Jill Stewart doesn't get is that everyone BUT you could see that losing the Dogg was no loss, that these people are the kooks and misfits Nightline portrayed them as. In fact, they wryly noted that the city losing its main attacker was hardly something they could be expected to cry over and made the dogg and Suzie SexShow Lady seem as over-the-edge as they are. (Throwing in a Nazi and some ghost whisperers.)

Patrick, seems you and Jill and the others in tin foil hats and some posters here, never caught that by featuring the Dogg as your mascot, the joke was on YOU.

January 26, 2009 12:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Jim, the measure b folks are starting to put together the tatterings of a campaign but you are completely right, more talkers than doers. Much like the bald headed mutt in homeless clothing, these people enjoy shouting about everything rather than doing anything.

January 26, 2009 1:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

10:18 Zuma IS the problem. This guys antics to get publicity would be one thing if he actually helped, but he doesn't.

He doesn't come to community meetings and help stuff envelopes. He doesn't help make phone calls. he doesn't do a damn thing but promote himself. Anything and everything he does demands for him to be the center of attention and not the issue that is being discussed. That hurts more than he can help as everything he involves himself with becomes toxic to those who would publicly align themselves with his point of view.

As for you Alger, if you were half the man you think you are you would confront this mutt at every turn. Zuma tarnishes the good work of people who actually have jobs and care about something more than themselves.

January 26, 2009 3:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

walter didn't post those comments. i did. give the man a break.

zumma dogg is a very interseting character along the lines of melrose larry green.

jim is correct that zumma dogg needs someone to bounce off of, and walter moore is hte nearest target. so when there's some pro-walter or anti zumma dogg comment here, zumma naturally thinks it's walter.

it's not. and its not jim alger. it is not even michael higby, who definitely posts comments under assumed names like amy.

January 26, 2009 3:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

My name is Phil Janicehahn, and I'm a idiotic candidote for mayorish.

Come on mush-mouth!

January 26, 2009 4:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


In order to design an effective grassroots campaign against Prop. B it takes money. And a good rule of thumb is that there usually isn't any money for good government.

In the case of Prop. B, the Mayor, the IBEW, and others who will benefit politically and financially from passage of the measure will contribute.

Who benefits financially from it not passing?

Again, no money for good government.

January 26, 2009 5:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

11:24 yes Jim Alger is sincerely an idiot (and running for CD12)

Walter Moore go back to your minuteman cave

Bruce Jennerjahn - good point about Suzy Evans campaigning in San Francisco

Phil Janicehann - cute

January 26, 2009 5:32 PM  

Anonymous third floor window said:

Why are Walter Moore and Alger tag teaming Zuma Mutt?


We like it. Enjoy your fight boys. None of you will ever be elected to office.

January 26, 2009 5:34 PM  

Blogger Jim Alger said:

I will say it again Mitch, I am not running for CD 12. Just because you say it doesn't make it so.

January 26, 2009 5:48 PM  

Anonymous third floor window said:

Shall we keep asking Jim Alger if he is planning his run for CD12? Pretty long audit trail of him saying he won't run.

January 26, 2009 7:47 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

"it could cost the city from getting the change that the people want."

Excuse me, who are you. I would like to know the person who speaks for what "the people" want, as if there is one "people" who all agree on one thing. You are a nutty control freak who doesn't get it, loser. Go move to France on March 4th.

January 26, 2009 8:30 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

MESSAGE TO JIM ALGER: I would suggest you keep my name out of your mouth when you start to "mindread" and speak on my behalf as to what my motivations are. You do not know what drives me or my intentions. So watch it. You are pissing me off, and I am going to BLAST you on City TV 35 during public comment. YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT. If you are forced to mention my name, for some reason, make sure you are on point, son...and be sure you are not "mindreading" because you don't know me. Try and keep your emotions and logic in check.

TRUST ME, PAL! And no need to respond...just watch your shit, son.

January 26, 2009 9:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ok Jim what district are you running for?

January 26, 2009 9:28 PM  

Blogger Jim Alger said:

This comment has been removed by the author.

January 26, 2009 9:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MESSAGE TO ZUMA DOGG": What are you completely psycho? Getting jealous of Alger again? Seriously dude, threatening to try and hit someone on TV is low, even for scum of the earth like you.

This clown needs to go.

January 26, 2009 9:54 PM  

Blogger Jim Alger said:

9:28... LOL Nothing but after finding out Zuma is supposedly my dad think I am going to have to kill myself.

LOL This is classic. I am shuddering in fear.

January 26, 2009 10:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"ZD needs the attention and spotlight so he needs an enemy, today it looks like its Walter tomorrow it will be someone/thing else."


January 26, 2009 10:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma Punk is going to his "street side" and threatening people who speak against him.

what a crybaby loser.

January 26, 2009 10:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma Mutt shut up and leave alger alone. you're a disgusting pig.

January 26, 2009 10:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zua, if you were to attack Jim at a city council meeting you would undoubtedly be expelled from the chambers. Do us all a favor and go for it!

January 26, 2009 10:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Dogg, that is kind of bullshit my friend. To threaten someone because you don't like what they say? WTF?

Alger did't even say anything all that bad. You need to grow a pair of balls.

January 26, 2009 11:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Actually mutt, Alger's point is valid. You don't do shit but run your mouth off. It get's nauseating.

January 26, 2009 11:34 PM  

Blogger Jim Alger said:

OK, Thank you but there is no reason to encourage him. Seriously, sending a message every 2 minutes provides much more attention to his nonsense than it deserves.

He has now reduced himself to threatening those that dare to disagree with him - that in and of itself speaks volumes of the child we are dealing with.

January 27, 2009 12:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So the bald-headed mutt found himself a new target huh? He starts by attacking Walter and ends by threatening Alger. This jackass has no friggen sense.

Know what else he doesn't have?

Self respect. A job. A home. A woman. A future. Class.

Higby, I don't care what people's opinions are, but when one o your bloggers threatens another with public retribution because he couldn't handle a little criticism, that should be grounds for some action on your part, or are you OK with this?

You got rid of Haikula for less.

January 27, 2009 2:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I get up early this morning and there is no Tuesday post yet, but I get greeted with Zuma up to hos same old shit. Zuma, you could say whatever you want about him on TV 35, it isn't as if anyone is listening to you. Haven't you figured that out yet?

Then, while lashing out at someone else you say "Excuse me, who are you. I would like to know the person who speaks for what "the people" want, as if there is one "people" who all agree on one thing"

Hasn't that been YOUR mantra for the past several years? You were "fighting for the people" (more like fighting against us, no one wants to buy your crap)

I always thought you were a self-absorbed wack-job. Now it is evident you are a head case, and an asshole to boot.

January 27, 2009 3:31 AM  

Blogger Heather said:

OK CHILDREN STOP IT. This is exactly why nothing gets done in Los Angeles because there is so many damn egos, personal agendas, everyone wanting attention and claim to fame and NOT ONE DAMN PERSON BEING A LEADER TO MOVE ISSUES WE ALL AGREE ON FORWARD WITH NO MONEY. You don't need money to get your message out. You need committed volunteers who believe in what they are working for. HELLLOOOOO OBAMA got hundred of thousands of people to volunteer because they believe in HIM and HIS VISION. Stop attacking each other and grow up and start posting dialogue about why Measure B is a corrupt piece of shit and why city council members are the biggest morons in the nation led by a dictator Mayor. Not one damn leader in the bunch. There is power of the internet and web sites like this but not if ALL YOU MEN care more about slamming each other. You should all be on the TOOL ACADEMY VH1. Its a show about the biggest losers who have no maturity level at all and they are being TRAINED TO GROW UP.

January 27, 2009 7:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:



January 27, 2009 9:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Heather: There's only one person on this blog who is all about wanting attention and fame. It's sick all the attention he takes away from the real issues.

If Higby has some kind of love affair going on with him , that's his problem.

The lack of discussion on the issues is ours.

Time to refocus folks!

January 27, 2009 11:44 AM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Someone needs to get a life. How many people do you really think are that wrapped up in this, and are all here posting at the same time? Get a life, loser.

January 27, 2009 4:23 PM  

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