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Friday, September 22, 2006


We've been talking so much about Proposition R, we've not spent much time on Measure H - The $1 Billion Housing Boondoggle, or also known as the construction/ consultant/ victocrat full employment act.

Today, one of the major business groups in the Valley decided to endorse the measure. They must have some members who want some of that $1 billion.

In the next couple of weeks, this old, dead Republican Mayor will make the case that Prop H would be a disaster for the city.

In the meantime, read their puffy press piece:

The Valley Industry and Commerce Association (“VICA”) today endorsed City of Los Angeles Measure H—a $1 billion housing bond that would create a trust fund to provide affordable housing options in Los Angeles.

“In the Valley, housing is also a transportation issue. Voters should look at Measure H, not just as a housing bond, but a congestion relief bond as well,” according to VICA President Brendan Huffman, who noted that Measure H will also compliment Propositions 1b and 1c, both of which invest in transit oriented housing.
“Part of VICA’s support for Measure H is because of the City Council’s recent efforts to streamline the Byzantine building permit process in L.A.

Together, these measures will produce more housing where it is needed most.”
Measure H calls for the City to issue $1,000,000,000 of bonds to provide thousands of new homes and rental units over ten years. These funds would be placed in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to help working families buy their first home, to build rental housing affordable to low-income working families, to build housing for homeless people, and to be allocated for rental or homeless housing based on future needs.

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa stated, "This measure represents the cornerstone of an historic and comprehensive strategic plan addressing the City’s housing crisis at every level. Led by a broad coalition of business leaders, housing advocates, policy experts, and elected leaders, Measure H will expand opportunities for first-time home-buyers, create more affordable housing for middle class families, and redouble the city’s efforts at finding permanent solutions for the chronically homeless."

"I applaud VICA's decision to get behind Measure H, which I am confident will have a noticeable effect on the Valley's housing stock and to relieve traffic congestion,” said L.A. City Councilmember Wendy Greuel. “VICA's support is critical, and I look forward to working with Valley business leaders to get the word out about Measure H."
VICA is often considered a bellwether of how ballot initiatives will fare with San Fernando Valley voters. In recent years, several bonds have failed (libraries, schools, police stations) largely due to high turnout among Valley voters who are less likely to support bonds than voters in other parts of the city. VICA will be urging voters to support Measure H and Governor Schwarzenegger's infrastructure bond package, Propositions 1a-1e.