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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Introducing Outtakes from the Reign of ......, "CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0"

The Mayor Sam Blog introduces "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0)" as the Uber 2022 Mayoral Aspirant completes his first full week on the City Council, by making paramount continuing loyalty to political allies, over those seeking Environmental Justice in the City of Vernon …………, and support for Armenia.
Temporary "CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0" never ceasing to place paramount his 2022 Mayoral (or higher) Ambition.

** Blogger's Notes: Hola from Jose Luis Huizar (and Relatives)-cleansed Council District Fourteen as we introduce our newest bloggin feature, bestowed affectionally as "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0".

 The newly sworn-in politico-hybrid of former CD-14 Officeholders Jose Huizar and Antonio Villaraigosa, is wasting no time in living up to the dubious reasons that were the inspiration for Kevin Alexander Leon's newly-bestowed moniker. In his first full week as the temporary (in his ambitious mindset) CD-14 Officeholder, gave no doubt that his loyalty to his Political Mentors (such as former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez), is more paramount ........., than standing in support for Armenia. The BFF of Fabian Nunez was a NOTABLE non-supporting exception on a Letter (pictured below) drafted by CD-2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian that called upon Mercury Public Affairs to end its Association with the country of Turkey. For the record, Councilman Krekorian's Letter was signed by 12 other members of the City Council and it should be noted that former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is also ……….., a Mercury Public Affairs Employee. Outtakes continues below ……..
Loyalty to a BFF Political Mentor will always be paramount, compare to taking a stand against those who have engage in Genocide. 

CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose Antonio (of or de) Leon 2.0 stands with Fabian and Antonio's Employer (Mercury Public Affairs) ........, against  the interests of Armenia.

On the southern border of CD-14, many Boyle Heights and other Southeast LA Environmental Activists, reacted with anger as a Bankruptcy Judge ruled that the State of California would be responsible for paying the cost for the clean up of the shuttered Exide Battery Plant in the City of Vernon. As documented by Mayor Sam in 2011, then State Senator Kevin De Leon place paramount the preservation of the City of Vernon Municipality, in return for the creation of a supposed "Environmental Mitigation Fund", that is in reality, a slush fund for those who supported keeping the controversial city in place ………, and the political aspirations of the now Temp CD-14 Officeholder. 

The State of California is now responsible for the cost of the City of Vernon's Exide Battery Plant while friends of now CD-14 Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0, benefit from his Backroom Deal to keep Vernon an Incorporated City.  

Lastly, the new CD-14 Officeholder spent some quality time in his first days on the City of LA Payroll, to highlight those (via Twitter), who took the time to congratulate him on achieving his latest Temporary Political Gig ........, on the way to a 2022 Mayoral Campaign. One of those of interest, was former President Barack "H" Obama's "Wingman" Ex Attorney General Eric Holder. In 2017, then "Calizuela State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de ) Leon the First", retained the legal services (for $25,000 per month) of the Ex Fast and Furious Attorney General ......., in the aftermath of the Montebello's Tom and Ron Calderon Corruption Convictions. As a side note, Councilman Leon took a jab at his former US Senate Opponant Dianne Feinstein, over her handling of the Confirmation Hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Ann Coney Barrett ….., wonder why? ----Scott Johnson in CD-14.
Its always good to have Legal Friends in the high reaches of the Democratic Party to provide cover for a 2022 Mayoral Campaign. 

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