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Monday, October 19, 2020

Hot Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Monday

With two weeks remaining before the November Presidential (plus down ticket) Elections, the cabal of Social Media Entities (Facebook and Twitter), along with Legacy Media Mediums (exampled locally by the LA Times), are engaging in blatant Screening and Censorship of Breaking News, that deprives the Electorate of objective, factual content to make an informed decision at the Ballot Box. 

The likes of the LA Times, Facebook, Twitter and other Legacy Media Outlets, are openly Screening and Censoring Information in blatant Acts of Election Interference.
** Blogger's Notes: With two weeks remaining before the 2020 November Presidential (along with down ticket) Elections, its no understatement to declare that the results will have a profound impact on the future of the American Republic and the Freedom of Expressing Factual Content ........., now under duress. 

In a troubling act of cyber censorship last week, Facebook and Twitter engaged in Election Interference by denying access to an explosive Exclusive by the Alexander Hamilton-founded New York Post, which disclosed emails that linked Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, to questionable financial dealings of his controversial offspring Hunter Biden. Anyone who attempted to link to and disseminate the Executive (which has not been denied by Hunter or Papi Joe), had their cyber accounts arbitrarily shut down in a subjective 21st Century Act of Censorship .........., that should outrage every American, regardless of political leanings.

A Saturday Gathering to Defend the LAPD minus a small cadre of Misguided Agitators.

A mostly-supported crowd turned out Saturday at Elysian Park to stand with the Rank and File of the LAPD, who have been smeared by the likes of Mayor Eric Garcetti, face defunding from the opportunist City Clowncil Central Committee and subjectively attacked by the formerly LA Times (a Chi Com China Watch-replicator, relocated to El Segundo). The Defend the LAPD Group organized an inclusive, peaceful event with appearances by Chief Michael Moore and likely Mayoral Candidate CD-15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino. That stated, a small group of youthful, misguided protestors brought their childhood bubbles bottles to engage in an outnumbered exercise of civic embarrassment, a protective right under the US Constitution ………., and a source of amusement.

The newly-bestowed Rose Bowl Institute President (and rabid Never Trumper) Charlie Firestone.

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has submitted the following California Public Records Act Request to Pasadena and Rose Bowl Public Officials, seeking the following documentation. More coverage forthcoming.
To: mbagneris@ci.pasadena.ca.us, ddunn@rosebowlstadium.com, smermell@cityofpasadena.net
Subject: California Public Records Act Request 
Good Afternoon To All Noted,
Under the rights accorded via the California Public Records Act, this email acts as a Formal Request for the following documents.
First, Articles of Incorporation for the Rose Bowl Legacy Non-Profit.
Copy of the Rose Bowl Legacy Non-Profit Board of Directors Meeting denoting the approval of the Formation of the Rose Bowl Institute.
Copy of the Rose Bowl Legacy Non-Profit Board of Directors Meeting Minutes which document the selection of Charlie Firestone as the President of the Rose Bowl Institute 
Second, Articles of Incorporation for the Rose Bowl Institute Non-Profit.
Copies of all Formal Contracts and Salary Agreements pertaining to Rose Bowl Institute President Charlie Firestone.
Copies of all emails, formal letters, correspondences from Rose Bowl General Manager D. Dunn to Rose Bowl Institute President Charlie Firestone, for the dates between January 1, 2020 and up to the date of this CPRA Request (October 20, 2020).
Minutes of all Rose Bowl Institute Board of Directors Meetings.
With respects,
Scott Johnson
Editor/Chief Writer
The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group

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