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Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Special Halloween Makeover Edition of "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0"

The Mayor Sam Blog proudly presents a Special Hallowen Makeover Edition of "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0", featuring the Politico born as Kevin Alexander Leon (in CD-9), the late Night Stalker Richard Ramirez .........., and channeling the Legal Makeover Expertise of former Councilman (and Attorney) Nick Pacheco.

Even when your Law Practice ceases operation, you can still garner Halloween Employment by crafting Extreme Makeovers, for those seeking an absolutely scary (and possible), LA County DA George Gascon "Criminal-friendly Future".  
** Blogger's Notes: With "Big Sister Health Director Skeletor (Dr. Barbara Ferrer)" providing draconian over watch (as pictured below), the Mayor Sam Blog would like to wish everyone a virtual 2020 Happy Halloween. With the Ruling Calizuela Junta in Scaramento and locally, decreeing that the mere act of gathering in costume or door-knocking for treats, may result in multiple Super-spreader Events (at least until after Election Day), we endeavor to share a cyber-treat via a bloggin parody ……., featuring the extreme makeover expertise of former CD-14 City Councilman (and Attorney) Nick Pacheco (as pictured above). Forgoing 21st Century tools of cyber-communications, we exercise the proven form of channeling (with the help of some adult beverages), to engage the noted Extreme Makeover Barrister, on crafting an image makeover for the late Night Stalker Richard Ramirez and as we note below, the resemblence to a certain local Politico (with 2022 Mayoral Aspirations) ………., are telling. Enjoy!!----Scott Johnson in CD-14 (formerly known as Council Distric A).    

With a Nick Pacheco Halloween Makeover, you can transform yourself from being Booked for Murder, into a Politico (born in CD-9) who was a former subject of an FBI Investigation, now seeking to become Mayor in 2022.

A Nick Pacheco Halloween Makeover can also transform a henious, evil Criminal, into a pandering Politico (with Charro proclivities during Election Time) ..........., who wants to be Mayor in 2022.
As a blogging Public Service, please remember that "Big Sister Health Director Skeletor" is watching YOU (at least until after Tuesday's Elections).

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