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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bloggin Briefs on the Eve of Fiscal New Year 2020/2021

 On the Eve of Fiscal New Year 2020/2021 (and the supposed Fourth of July Holiday Weekend), Calizuela Governor Maduro Newsom, Mayor Yoga Pants Garcetti and the LA County Minister of Health Barbara Ferrar, have decreed that Bars, Beaches and Fireworks Displays will be BANNED this Independence (Naught) Weekend .........,while allowing for Marxist-led Anti-Police Protests.
Wuhan Virus Super-Spreader Mayor Yoga Pants Garcetti.
** Blogger's Notes: In ideal times, the Eve of a Fiscal New Year would be a joyful time to commend those who denied our One Party Political Machine of the opportunity to waste more Public Money (via the defeat of Measure EE) ........, but 2020 has been anything but. A virus which originated in the most populous Communist Country, combine with rabid, Marxist (and Fellow Traveling Media)-inspired reaction to the death of a devout George Floyd, now has conspired to put a BAN on the Freedom to celebrate our Country's Independence Day in 2020. The Troika of Calizuela Governor Maduro Newsom, LA Mayor Yoga Pants Garcetti and the Minister of Social Health Barbara Ferrar, have decreed that the supposed rise in Positive Cases (while comparing the number of tests) of the Wuhan Virus, is grounds to close Bars, Beaches and Public Displays of Fireworks (without LASD enforcement) .........., while allowing for continuous, Marxists-led Protest Marches.  Let the Pushback ........, BEGIN!!   

A Message to "Councilman A" in CD-14.
The Pushback against the "Councilman A Criminal Enterprise" grows as CD-14 Activists staged a Press Conference this morning in front of the Boyle Heights City Hall, calling upon the suspended (without pay) CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar to resign. With various media outlets present, activists made various statement denoting the documented corruption of the Princeton Graduate, soon to be Federal Inmate.

CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", with hand-picked Lincoln Height Neighborhood Council Supporters.
As the LA City Hall Corruption Investigation continues, the speculation on who else will join former CD-12 Councilman Mitch Englander and suspended CD-14's "Councilman A" as Indicted Politico, is prompting a revisiting of CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" role in an alleged "Pay to Play Bid-rigging Scheme" to develop five Lincoln Heights Public Parking Lots, into Non-Homeless, Mixed Housing ..........., using Measure HHH Bond Money. As noted in the US Attorney's Press Conference announcing the arrest of "Councilman A", the FBI/DOJ Investigation is on-going ........, and the public is ask to make any tip on potential corrupt activities.
Remembering who help steer "Councilman A Jose Huizar" over the cliff into a Political Corruption Abyss.
From a very reliable "Source", we understand that former CD-9 City Councilwoman, Mayoral and LA County Board of Supervisor Candidate Jan Perry, found time during Public Comment of today's LA City Council Rules Committee Meeting on the upcoming Redistricting Process, to remind a certain "Political Soul Brother" of CD-14 Councilman A, about his 2012 "Eagerness to Gain Control" over what was then CD-9's pre-redistricting Downtown LA area. We ponder whether the former City Council President known as "Mini Amin Wesson", is now seeking Legal Counsel over his alleged, enabling role ........, and would concur with needed Redistricting Rule Changes?
The Roybal Foundation Controversy Continues. 
Question for those well-verse in Public 501-C3 Non Profit Management, if a hypothetical three member Board of Directors, overseeing a Public 501-C3 Non-Profit shared the same name as exampled by Louis Roybal Gardner, Lillian Roybal, Loushana Roybal-Rose and Edward Roybal Jr., could there be very-serious ethical (and legal) issues ..........., that prompt an IRS Probe? Considering the following

The IRS considers related board members to not be completely independent.  Even if the people in question believe they are not subject to influence by virtue of that relationship, the IRS doesn’t buy it.  They consider it to be a conflict-of-interest that impacts the charity.  As such, there are strict rules with regard to nonprofit governance where related board members are involved.  These rules vary greatly, depending upon whether the nonprofit is a public charity or a private foundation.

To be continue .........., Scott Johnson.

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