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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Election Day Briefs Regarding Extreme Campaign Tactics Employed By The Political Machine

From the Front Porch of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, through the illegal signage encroachment of CD-14 Private Property/Public Space and the improper collecting of Absentee Ballots in Commerce, the LA County Democratic Machine led by Mark "Mini Bauman" Gonzalez, goes to the Ethical Extremes on behalf of its chosen Candidates for Public Office.
Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chairperson Mark "Mini Bauman" Gonzalez (standing on the right), is no stranger when it comes to engaging in extremely-questionable Campaign Tactics.
** Blogger's Notes: With no apologies to the (now meaningless) Billionairehead Tom, Mayor Pete, along with Angry Amy Voters, today is the actual day designated to cast an inform vote (in an ideal Republic), but in reality, LA County is the exploitation and low-information ballot-harvesting base of the Calizuela Democratic One Party Machine ......., and those who challenge it can face extreme campaign tactics.
As Republicans unite in the spirit of ensuring another four years of MAGA Prosperity, our Democratic Friends will cast ballots as political combatants in a continuing battle that will have national and local ramifications ......., with electioneering tactics taking on questionable extremes.
In LA County's "Down-Ticket Elections", recent events in the District Attorney, CD-14 City Council and Commerce Municipal Campaigns respectively, have given witness to the extreme tactics the Democrat Party Machine will engage in to support their anointed Candidates, with the apparent blessing of its Chairperson Mark "Mini Bauman" Gonzalez.
Northeast LA Progressive Activists are well-verse in the extremes that "Mini-Bauman" will allow in elections under his charge, as they successfully-challenged in the recent 51st AD Democratic Delegate Election (and forced Do-over), which saw "Mini-Bauman" resort to racist bombast in casting false dispersions on those making legitimate complaints.

Despite the successful challenge of Progressive Activists to the 51st AD Delegate Election Fiasco, its readily apparent that "Mini-Baumen" has not undertaken the needed leadership that would hold accountable those anointed by the local Party Machine for egregious Electioneering Behavior .........., as we document below------Scott Johnson. 
Black Lives Matter (and George Gascon Supporters?) harassing LA County DA Jackie Lacey.
Its an open secret that many in the anti-Law Enforcement Faction of the local Progressive Political Community (including Black Lives Matter), would love to see incumbent LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, replace by Billionaire Leftist George Soros-backed George Gascon ......., and the "Mini-Bauman-led Machine" agrees. The support of Gascon and the extreme tactics employed by the likes of Black Lives Matters, that garnered Nation-wide Attention on Monday, may result in a backlash that prompts an exodus of Moderates Democrats (including a growing number of African-Americans), if the Party remains silent on this type of extreme behavior.
CD-14 City Council Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon's Campaign Associate caught posting Lawn Sign on Private Property ......, without permission.
It was a fleeting pleasure (before he walked off) to engage "Mini-Bauman" Gonzalez in a brief conversation at the recent CD-14 Boyle Heights Candidate Forum. While questioning why I was photographing Assemblyman Miguel Santiago-Mancia, the supposed enabler of #Me Too Empowerment, was evasive when asked why the Party Machine would not support quality Female Candidates and instead, endorsed the former Roommate of disgraced State Senator Tony Mendoza, who belittles his gender-opposite opponents, while condoning disparaging elderly constituents (as Adrian V. did to Caroline Aguirre), by calling them "Bi-polar/5150".  We also surmise that 'Mini-Bauman" would be evasive in commenting on the blatant illegal action of encroaching on Private Property and Public Open Space, for the purpose of promoting a supposed Green Candidate.    
Lastly, "Mini-Bauman" Gonzalez might find interest in how his Southeast LA Associates are engaging in Ballot Harvesting (before returning to Cannabis Cultivation), on behalf of the Party Machine-endorsed City Councilwoman Oralia Robello. The lady pictured below, was allegedly engaging in exploiting the Elderly in the City of Commerce to dispense with their Ballots, as noted in the Letter above. We would hope that "Mini-Bauman" would agree that the Elderly are deserving of extreme enforcement of all rules to protect them from electioneering exploitation, especially by those financed by the repugnant Mario Beltran Machine.
Who is allegedly exploiting the Elderly to dispense with their Absentee Ballots in Commerce?

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