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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The LA Time's "Backroom Hypocrisy" regarding its Non-Endorsement of Herb Wesson for LA County Board of Supervisors

The formerly "Fishwrap of Record (on Spring Street)" briefly departs from replicating the Los Angeles County Democratic Party's Endorsements, with its support of State Senator Holly Mitchell for the LA County Board of Supervisors District Two Office, citing termed-out LA CD-10 City Councilman Herb Wesson's "Backroom Style", while ignoring the same ethically-challenged proclivities of its CD-14 endorsed Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon.  
Why the LA Times's "Backroom Concerns" of Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, but not Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon?
** Blogger's Notes: If anyone needed a reaffirmation regarding the subjective devolution of the formerly "Fishwrap of Record (once located on Spring Street)", then look no further than its stenographic-like replication of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Establishment's Endorsements ........., with the exception of its choice for the LA County Board of Supervisors District Two Office.

In recent weeks, the now El Segundo-located Los Angeles Times, has taken time away from its Trump Resistance News/Opinion priorities, to espouse for those who were pre-screened by the local One Party Machine, prompting one longtime Political Consultant to opine that they have gone ........., "all-establishment" with their March Elections Endorsements.
That stated, its interesting to the apparent hypocritical reason for the LA Time's "Non-Endorsement" of the Establishment-anointed Choice for the District Two Office, being vacated by now, CD-10 Candidate Mark Ridley-Thomas. 

Wesson might be considered the front-runner, having amassed the largest campaign war chest and endorsements from much of the political establishment (although Mitchell is backed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Gov. Jerry Brown and the leaders of both the Assembly and the state Senate). But he has a backroom style better suited to a previous decade.

Pardon the momentary pause as we engage in a bloggin episode of recollection, regarding a recent FBI Investigation that led to the Indictments, with Convictions of Montebello's Ron and Tom Calderon.

We want to give the LA Times Editorial Board the benefit of the doubt (naught), that its apparent disregard of the documented, then State Senator Kevin de Leon's "Backroom Scheme to reward Ron Calderon (as noted from the FBI Affidavit)", was an innocuous oversight ..........., or not?
Please note the Investigated Backroom Scheme of LA Times-endorsed Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon. 
That stated, its readily apparent that like the local Democratic Machine, the LA Times has no intentions of supporting fiscally-moderate Democrats (like the worthy former CD-9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry) and conveniently uses Herb Wesson's "Backroom Issues" to disqualify him from its Endorsement, while embracing Progressives like Mitchell----Scott Johnson.  

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