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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Hump Day

Its becoming readily apparent that the formerly "Average Joe (Buscaino)", is morphing into another "Autocratic Politico" as the CD-15 Officeholder faces a backlash over his alleged City Charter-violating Scheme, to arbitrarily change the boundaries of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, at the detriment to the Wilmington NC.   
Are the formerly "Average Joe" Buscaino's Autocratic Political Schemes, a precursor for his supposed 2022 Mayoral aspirations? 
** Blogger's Notes: Once upon a time in CD-15, there was an "Average Joe of San Pedro" who only wanted to serve his community with home-grown pride ............, but that was back in 2011. Now in 2020, its becoming readily apparent that "Average Joe" is morphing into another "Autocratic Politico" ........., with 2022 Mayoral aspirations. The now "Autocratic Politico (at 200 Spring Street)", is facing a major backlash from Neighborhood Council Advocates for his supposed City Charter-violating Scheme to arbitrarily-alter the boundaries of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council (with non-sanctioned help from Empower LA Staff), to the detriment of the Wilmington NC

According to multiple sources, the CD-15 Autocratic Politico is seeking to usurp Wilmington NC's opposition to Port of Los Angeles operations into impacted neighborhoods under its jurisdiction.
The Husband and Wife of the Quid Pro Wesson Political Family.
With copious respects to Investigative Reporter and "Profiles In Corruption" Author Peter Schweizer, CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss is quickly becoming his local equivalent as he attributes documentation on Los Angeles various Quid Pro Politico Families, as witnessed with his latest missive on the "Quid Pro Wesson Politico Family". Its an Open Secret within the Los Angeles Political Machine, that the Wife, Siblings and Offsprings of the Quid Pro Wesson Politico Family, have benefitted from the diminutive "Mini Amin's" various Political Incarnations. Just a bloggin thought, but it would be a great undertaking to someday document the various Los Angeles "Quid Pro Political Families (think the Koretz, Cedillo, Englander, Alatorre, Polanco among others), who have been enriched (and continue to feed) from the taxpayer-financed Political Machine.  
The formerly "Mini Mayors" of Los Angeles and New York. 
Surprise, surprise who made ........., AHHHH Monday Cameo on KRLA 870 AM's Morning Answer. The formerly LA Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made a fleeting appearance on behalf of his Billionaire Presidential Candidate of Choice "Mini Mike" Bloomberg, in the forlorn hope that a solitary "Never Trumper", might be persuaded to cast a vote to offset the Calizuela's Bernienista Machine. Unlike pending Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing, the City Terrance Native's Presidential Preference, will most likely survive beyond Super Tuesday, only to waste a fraction of his China-based Fortune .........., like he did on Tony Villar's unsuccessful political aspirations----Scott Johnson.

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