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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Tuesday

On this Tuesday (a year before the 2020 Presidential Election), we are on 200 N. Spring Street Watch as Embellishing, Electioneering and Pandering are the continuing norm, as Los Angeles City Hall digresses towards March Municipal (and a possible Recall) Elections.
Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing can't recall a better Model for dealing with LA's Homeless Crisis.
** Blogger's Notes: Let the countdown commence!! We are one year away from the 2020 Presidential (and down ticket) Elections and where do we start our blogging coverage?? 200 N. Spring Street. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing who's last term supposedly ends in 2022, is reacting predicatively to a resurgent Recall Campaign by resorting to the tired, political practice of ...., embellishing. Pardon me as I ......., LMAO, in response to Mayor Gar-SOBBing's statement that his Administration's Homeless Policy is the "Model Response" to emulate. The KRLA 870 AM Morning Answer's Hosts Jennifer Horn and Don Hicks (subbing for Lovable Liberal Brian Whitman), rightfully pointed out that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, unlike Mayor Gar-SOBBing, has presided over a ..........., decrease in his municipality's Homeless Population
Can you count the number of current and ex Councilman Jose Huizar Staffers in attendance at CD-14 Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon's El Sereno Meet and Greet?
Live from CD 14!! Its Campaign Time in CD 14 (and all even-numbered City of LA Council Districts) as the ruling One Party Junta in Calizuela has apparently anointed the former "State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon the First", the (temporary) Front Candidate to replace #Richellary2020 .........., as "Councilman Jose Huizar 2.0". In judging from the coordination/cooperation from ex and current Councilman Huizar (who went to Princeton) Staff, its an open secret that the failed US Senate Aspirant (who lost his own State Senate District to Senator Dianne Feinstein), is the desired (temporary?) Officeholder to lead a Huizar-like 2.0 Administration. 
Never underestimate a Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Political Machine Councilwoman's proclivity to Pander ........., despite some inconvenient truths.
It seemed like yesterday that CD-7 City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez was raising the bar on the (paid?) electioneering pandering (including selling your own soul), that an aspiring candidate for Public Office would resort to in their ambition-driven quest to be elected. Yet, since her successful election as the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine's designated replacement for the departed Felipe "FU" Fuentes, Councilperson Rodriguez has been ceaseless in her pandering to Campaign Supporters, despite the inconvenient truths (and embarrassing details) linked to those who are, now reaping the benefits of her Officeholder Largess ..........., more later----Scott Johnson. 

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